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  • Rumor Has It.....

    Bondurant will be taking over Firebird......

    It's now official! The Bondurant School has renewed it's lease on our property and will also expand to take over the Firebird West Track facility!

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    Alex, the west track at Firebird is a 1.1 mile road course. He's got nothing to do with the drag strip.
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      To add more to the rumors that are going around, talked with some friends of mine last night that frequent the tracks around here quite a bit, and though Firebird might have some National Events that will happen there, the word out is that the Local drag racing scene there is done... According to the rumors the big powerful cars are shaking the windows on the Casino/Hotels that the Indians have built next door to the Firebird complex, so the Friday night TNT's and local racing events are going to be a thing of the past........ We'll see how much of this is true in the future, but for now that is what people are saying.... And they were also saying that Speed World hasn't signed a new lease and that they may be closing to and then there is some talk that the State wants to close all the tracks in the state and make drag racers go out of state to compete.......
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        Let us Hope Someone does


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          No comment from TOM COMPTON