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    Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
    And it WILL stiffen the car which is excellent for going around corners. Cars flex more than you would imagine! And bars pretty much don't.

    that is quite a bonus.
    even the engine changes..
    I always guessed about invisible moves, until verifying after learning it myself welding.

    a hidden shame of all much "they don't move".
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      You guys are working hard on me, aren't ya?
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        Nope.. Common sense..


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          Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
          Nope.. Common sense..
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            Originally posted by peewee View Post
            Once you experience the stiffer chassis...
            Mustangs are uni body I believe. Roll cage ties in the front and rear the factory didnt.
            Older Camaros and Firebirds (and their cousins) used sub frame connectors.. They made a heck of a difference
            Not sure Mustangs can benefit because I have not seem to read about it..
            One landing on your side or roof will pay for the cage.. In allowing you to live..maybe.. want to conquer your fear of turn 1...
            Do you remember the ratio of caged/uncaged cars there?
            Chassis rigidity translates into less sloppy feel, more confidence, less wallow and less flex steering Flex steering is when the chassis flexes enough to make it steer itself.. Usually the way you do not want to go..


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              DB I'm hearing you and all of y'all. We just don't want to totally masectomize Red and make him be anything but the car we love to cruise around in. AND go fast in a time or two.

              I'm not afraid of Turn One. I'm afraid to mash the gas before that, in the bizarre off camber sweeping turn that should be a long straightaway but it's all a big curve thing before you ever get to Turn One. That's where the speed is, if you can find it. And THEN there's Turn One. Okay NOW brakes. Turn One is a dick if you come in there going 120 or if you're going 50, it doesn't matter. Even the masters and trainers there say that turn is a throw-away. That and Turn Six as well. No fast way through there. Brakes.

              I was so unafraid of Turn One that I ran completely off of there the very last lap I ran before I got black flagged .... gyahlee that's a heap load of fun. I have to go do that again. With better brakes.

              You guys want me to get a roll cage....I completely think that's not needed.
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                we just want you to be safe and have fun. A rollcage does both for you. It enables you to have the peace of mind to press farther on that go-fast pedal allowing you to get more adrenaline for your buck.

                And with an offer of assistance to install said cage, from an experienced and qualified tech, at a minimal cost....well.........

                the only thing that could be better for this deal was if he offered cold beverages while you were there.......

                just sayin'.........................................
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