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Minimum CID for Engine Masters '13?

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    Personally, I would like to build a 420", 4.155 bore x 3.85 stroke. A friend's is a monster.
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      IMHO, I think its friggin' pointless to have any C.I. minimum.

      Why the hell would you bother doing the "avg power per cubic inch" formula then?

      Allow any damn size and design, and watch more people buy the mag because of the variety.

      The only thing I would limit is C.R. and maybe allow ONLY commercially available heads that have documented minimum production numbers.
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        plenty of new cars with high mpg 400+ cid
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          Originally posted by SpiderGearsMan View Post
          plenty of new cars with high mpg 400+ cid
          Plenty? Name one that sells for less than $45,000. Name one that sells more than 5,000 units per year.

          The point is that EM changed the rules to favor certain competitors and to outlaw many others -- including some of our own who have invested huge sums of time and money into perfecting their bitchin, sub-400-cube combination. And EM changed the rules to eliminate whole classes of engines that Bangshifters are building. How is that a good thing?