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What impresses you at a car show?

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    Re: What impresses you at a car show?

    I agree on all garbage. There's a guy with one of my old cars and he puts out cry babies, candy dishes, place mats, and all kinds of other weird shit. If someone thinks it's still my car it's embarrassing as hell
    Every mag editor says that crap will garantee them to walk by. If you want your beauty in a mag leave that stuff at home. For me, its the owner and friends parked in their lawn chairs in front of their cars. I got flack from some guy at Bobs last time cause I took pics of every car in the except his because his big butt was sitting in front of the car.
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      Re: What impresses you at a car show?

      unless youve won the ridler leave the trophys at sure your really proud of the first place trophy from the moose lodge for the best red mid 80s corvette... ..
      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So damn true


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        Re: What impresses you at a car show?

        Unmolested, numbers matching American muscle from '64 - '70.
        Nitrous, baby!!...


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          Re: What impresses you at a car show?

          At a car show, a well detailed car with NO add on BS, No Dolls,no Window Trays with plastic food,NO FLAT SCREEN STEREOS! I lean toward cars with "hidden in plain site" type mods,killer suspentions using modified stock pieces,modern brakes clean restored(restomod) interior .

          Body down over the tires with real usable tire sizes.

          If a car is race inspired I want to see more open road than "drifter".

          +10k on walking past "another SBC" Im getting that way about LesS' too.

          As a early Mustang guy I walk past EVERYTHING with a Pinto front end installed,I dont care if its a GT500 super charged 5.4,I just couldn't care less.

          To me a 65-66 Mustang with a period ShelbyR stance and a High winding small block nails it. A windsor based stroker is ok but lay off the billet everything.

          67-68 better have an FE,if your going to go small block stick it in a 65/66.
          Boss based stroker is cool if you have the Trans Am vibe.
          69-70 Canted Valve heads or FE,Boss nines and Cammers .
          On 460 based swaps in 67-70 cars: I have yet to see one that didn't look like 10lbs of [email protected]#$ stuffed in a 3lb bag.

          71-73 Mustangs,again canted valve engines or nasty 460 strokers.

          Yea Im a Ford Guy,Mustangs now.
          I pretty much see any mid 60s up cars with aftermarket wheels and air above the top of the tire,space between fender and tire, as needing to be lowered.

          IMO even my car misses because of the 18" wheels,but Im locked into at least a 17 because of the front brakes. And the bank is a little dry for a wheel/tire swap.
          I am looking at the "poverty" cap idea with an aluminum wheel though.

          There a guy local with a 68 Camaro with a Big Block on poverty look wheels,stance is nailed,with widened wheels out back with 275 60 15 in the fenders ,clean,under staited,deadly.

          As I peck away here it seems the cars that draw me in all have that quite unassumeing street racer look.


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            Re: What impresses you at a car show?

            I want to look at a car and say to my self "something has been done to it and I cant figure out what it is" You know that slight chop,
            section, pancaked hood suttle changes.
            The other cars I like are the ones that are driven. Eg the Imperial Speedster on the 2012 Power Tour. He passed me twice one day.LOL
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