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    They've already shut down the schools here for tomorrow due to the guranteed bad weather.. I'll bet there's a shitload of a run on bread and milk that has already happened here locally. We're okay, we've got beer.

    Earlier today, my cell phone went off twice - Winter Weather Alert - Ice Storm, Freezing Rain.

    Schools closed.

    The weather was said originally to start at 1 a.m. Now it's been moved forward in time.

    Here's the radar, the arrow points to where we are:

    Click image for larger version

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    It's cold enough, 27 right now, but where's the water in the atmosphere to cause it? I took tomorrow off because I don't want to drive in it. Boy, am I going to look like an idiot unless it actually does something.
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    Throw a couple dozen blocks in the back of the peek um up and go have fun!
    Used to be, once the weather went bad, I bundled up and went out to play..
    Now I just sit here and listen to the wife whine....
    I love the desertedness


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      PW I hope everything is ok down there. They've shut down schools here and delayed opening campus till 11am. I saw where the Nashville airport is even closed. If only this brought snow for sledding
      Who needs sugar and spice and everything nice? I'm a Southern girl - give me cars, guns and whiskey on ice. ~Mrs. Remy-Z


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        haha PW I live in a valley with a steep road as the only access. I just got back from scouting the roads. My wife works nights at a hospital 45 miles away. I needed to check if it was going to be safe for her to head home.
        All is in pretty good shape here, except of course our access road. It was sketchy getting out and I was dreading heading back down. I just managed to follow a county salt truck back, and saw him turn down our road. I decided to watch the show and not follow him in. Sure enough he started gaining speed and ended up in the ditch backwards. Not a big ditch, so not a big deal. He backed the rest of the way down salting as he went.

        Enjoy ur day off


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          The whole deal is scheduled to go just north of us and so far is right on track. We're pretty cold (it was mid 20s overnight) but we're scheduled for 70s on Tuesday and Wednesday. I LIKE 70s! But cold rain tonight which may or may not freeze.



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            It missed us. We're already above freezing. Good luck and stay safe is in order for everybody else. There's nothing worse than ice. Snow is a day at the beach compared to ice. Nobody can drive or walk on ice, but some folks think they can, until they fall down or hit something with their car.
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              Uh-oh. I may have laughed too soon.....the Squirell Pee thermometer just hit 32, and it's raining like real hard. Oh shit....oh no...this might be bad.....hope the power doesn't go off, at least we can stay home and deal with it.
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