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  • Spca

    You wanted one of these, right? The SPCA (somebody preventing the crushing of antiques) can help...
    Click image for larger version

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    the 57 pete. wow.
    I see an alcoa looking wheel, maybe someone kept up on it for many years.

    the last one, the 76 freight shaker. looks identical to the one I I went to florida in from new england. I was 7, the truck was near brand new in 1981.

    350 was a big one..and still so freakishly underpowered.
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      spent some time behind the wheel of many B61 twin sticks.
      Maybe I can clear this up.....I thought the cop was a prostitute.


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        Ross Island Sand and Gravel have a large fleet of those trucks that still run and deliver concrete in Portland. Their other claim to fame, they bought an island in the middle of the Willamette river and, until 2001, pulled their raw materials from the center of it

        the whole center of the island.... didn't exist when they started pulling from the island 80 years ago.

        and here's their delivery truck yard

        of course, the owner has a bunch of problems because 1) he owns textile companies (Pendleton was a brand of his), 2) he owns a concrete company, and 3) he is a really good guy who follows Christian principles in his business - which, in Oregon today, is highly discouraged.
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