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"Burke" Avanti....Being rebuilt as #9088 Land Speed Avanti

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  • "Burke" Avanti....Being rebuilt as #9088 Land Speed Avanti

    Got snowed in at home so threw this together:

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    I like that web site layout.
    I made one the long way almost ten years ago..the tabs were not in internet explorer.
    took a long freaking time.

    I'd do that again if it was easy..nice site.
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      It was cool to see this. I'll bookmark it as I have an "investment" in this project. There are links to the history of the car, BS for the trip to get it, and others to bring the reader up to speed on the car and its history. I think it's really cool to have an overview in one spot.

      I don't think David mentioned but the reason for the number 9088 is that the Burkes raced the car under 88 and 90 but neither of those numbers were available so they combined 90 and 88 and 9088 WAS available.

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        I remember reading about this car when it had the "Sunshine" paint scheme. This is a great car with an awsome history.


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          There's a reference to this in the stuff on the site, but I think it's WAY cool that this is Avanti #6 - the sixth one ever built in production.