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Please welcome Crane Cams to the BS family of sponsors!

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  • Please welcome Crane Cams to the BS family of sponsors!

    You'll see the ads today (maybe you have already!) but Crane Cams is the newest great company to join up as a supporter of Crane is one of the great companies in the history of the aftermarket, started way back by Harvey Crane and continuing to produce great cam and valvetrain products today. They're also one hell of a comeback story. We all remember a couple of years ago when Crane had to close its doors for a short time. Since then, they have come roaring back, innovating new products and producing those products on the highest tech equipment available today. Chase Knight who is a legendary drag racers and a BS forum member has been a constant force at the company and is still there today. All of their stuff is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

    We're super proud to have the support of Crane Cams! Please give them a big welcome, visit their site, and like 'em on FB (if you are on FB!)

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    Welcome aboard Crane!
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      my last engine before mauled was an old school low compression swapped with tiny heads and a crane cam.

      I was told by the guy who handed the cam to me (he has since passed on), said it is the only "262" numbering in their long list.

      just found it, reeling in some memory.

      supposed to be an offroad cam only, lift is huge for a small block, and we had hydraulic tappets. it was funny, our compilation.

      took a while climbing, but 160s mph, with a 60s cc heads...old ratty engine, 9 to 1 compression 1980 something bumped up to a crank crusher.

      anyway, welome, even my bad memory knows crane as a cam name.

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        Welcome Crane! What do you have for a 5 cylinder Mercedes Diesel?



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          Welcome aboard!! Glad to see they are back in action.
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            Hi Crane.

            I'm BBR.
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              is it like perfume and if so is there free samples ?
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                Originally posted by BOOOGHAR View Post
                is it like perfume and if so is there free samples ?
                No begging at the table Charles - now go lay on your rug.
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                  Sure hope their quality is better than it was, only cams I've ever had rounded lobes on were Crane Cams.......