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Hot Rod's Factory 5 test including the Ridetech 33

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  • Hot Rod's Factory 5 test including the Ridetech 33

    A few weekends back the guys at Hot Rod magazine and Factory 5 met up for some testing at LasVegas Motor Speedway. The Ridetech 33 just happened to be brought along for the fun. There should be a full article in the next issue of Hot Rod but until then this video is the only teaser we have.

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    I heard brets car was the fastest one of the bunch
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      What the hell is that guy talking about when he says the '33 had the fastest trap speed and the slowest 60' and the Summit Cobra had the best 60' time and the lowest trap speed? The narrator claims it's because the Cobra had the most torque...NO. It's because the '33 was so light in the rear and had SO MUCH MORE power that the 60' was horrible. Also '33 had 510hp/496ft/lbs to the wheels and the Cobra had 372hp/461ft/lbs to the wheels. Last time I checked 496 is more than 461.

      Also, could that guy shift any slower?
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        Bret's car kicked everyone's butt at the Goodguy's Del Mar in November. Dude can drive.
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