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    Originally posted by Beagle View Post
    Anybody got a G8? I've given some thought to the GXP, 415 HP RWD V8 sedan. From Australia. Who also gets a cool Ranger baby diesel. This continent's corporate boardrooms have become filled with pussies.
    I have one,its been a good car,I have the GT though 360hp. Wife complains about the blind spot from the a pillar though. Really moves out its a good highway car.


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      The styling is bland. The front end is the standard issue corporate flare and does absolutely nothing for me. This is a rare case where the nascar version looks better in my opinion. This is a watered down G8 in my opinion. I would take a Charger over this without question
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        Originally posted by antmnte View Post

        Eleven Interesting Things about the new "SS"

        11. Strange that "Government Motors" keeps naming cars after the Nazi Schutz-Staffel.

        10. Odd that the traditional "SS" grille badge is replaced by a cheap-looking gold bow tie.

        9. Bizarre that the stylists repeated the 2004 GTO mistake of a boring rental car hood.

        8. A paltry 415 h.p. from 6.2 liters ( . . . the same h.p. per cube as the old G8 GXP . . . and less than nearly every DOHC V8 currently built in the industrialized world

        (another resounding argument for the obsolescence of single-camshaft, two-valve pushrod OHV mills . . . simply amazing that the fabled SS gets smoked on power . . . by a Hyundai (

        7. Weird that the GM stylists didn't try to tie-in the tail lights to either the hideous Camaro/C7 trapezoids or the "classic" twin round lamps of old-school Chevrolets.

        6. Ugly black bumper insert and multiple air intakes make the SS's front end look too heavy (almost like it's sticking its blackend tongue out at you).

        5. Rental car greenhouse.

        4. GM checks are still cashing at the NASCAR office, considering that the racing SS will be allowed on track nearly half a year before "Job One" hits the showrooms.

        3. The silly string-of-LEDs lamps on front hopefully means this ridiculous styling trend has now "jumped the shark."

        2. The G8, with it's traditional post-1960 split grille motif, had better family "identity" than the SS.

        1. Will the fuel economy be much better than the G8s dismal 13/20 mpg? Not too likely.

        Verdict: Suddenly it's 1998. As with the G8, not enough bang for the buck.
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          Well maybe Ford will bring the Falcon over from down under. - probably not.


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            Wifey needs a new car next year, good reason to test drive one. Will probably end up a SUV.

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              Gonna have to agree with Outsidey on this one... With the exception of number 11). Making a comparison from Super Sport to Nazi SS is a BIG stretch, even for you.

              In my opinion the current 5 liter Mustang is just all around better than the current Camaro. Performance, weight, MPG, pricing...but which sells better....? The Camaro.

              The reality is our breed of enthusiast consumer is a small percentage of buyers. This is why the GTO and G8 GT didn't sell in record numbers. It seems most people buy on a visual/comfort basis.
              This "new" SS has really nothing to offer in the looks department. It has the standard econoblob styling of every other car.
              It will sell because people will want it for its utility, not because "IT LOOKS SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!" which is fine. They haven't had to spend a ton in development because the Aussies have already done the work.

              If the time was spent with the Camaro designers to put a noticeable body on top of this platform...(I said noticeable, not attractive cause some people hate the new Camaro looks, even though it sells) I think they could have a really high volume seller on their hands.
              But that would be a BIG risk to do. You never know after you've spent all that money if what kind of environment you'll be launching the car into. If times are FAT and it looks great, you'll sell them all. If there is a gas crunch or're going to take a beating... They are playing it safe with minimal risk. (who wants another Volt on their hands?)
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                I've said it before at other sites and I'll say it again here: There's no pleasing anyone anymore. Though, I do agree, this thing should be doing better than 425hp.
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