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    I though I's share some of my daughter's art work from HS. Lia is a junior and getting to that point about thinking what she should focus on a career. She loves anatomy and physiology and was thinking of being a physical therapist, now a 7 year phd program...ouch. Of course her art teacher thinks she should be an art teacher or art therapist which pays nothing. I say a tattoo artist.

    The assignment was to show pipe or a tube with an open end. She drew an octopus tentacle with a subway car coming out.

    BTW her initials are LSD, LOL
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    Girl's got some skills.
    I'm probably wrong


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      Composition and depth are incredible....Tattoo artist for sure.....
      Tell her to look into CGI fields also.......and Commercial Graphics....
      Bravo !
      The Beatings will continue until MORALE IMPROVES !!!!


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        If she wants info on tattoo work, we can put her in touch with my sister. She owns her shop now and has been doing ink for over ten years. Your kid has good lines, kinda makes me want to pick up the pencil again.


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          Nice work, good depth, use of space, balance....I like it. Clever use of the octopus/tunnel..shows an ability to think outside the box....I dig it.

          I dreamed of going to art school once upon a time. My daughter is just now developing an interest in drawing and the arts. I am super excited because she is also taking welding as an elective too. I dont care what she does, as long as what she does makes her happy.
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            Skilled work indeed... Interesting imagery... tenticles, train going into a tunnel...paging Dr Freud, please pick up the white courtesy phone.