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"Play off" points series, don't they all suck?

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  • "Play off" points series, don't they all suck?

    For the first time in many years I have made a effort to watch NHRA drag racing for the first two events and plan on trying to watch (with help from my DVR) all of the events I can. But I still have a total hate of the count down to 1. There were many reasons I no longer enjoyed watching Sprint cup but top among them was the "chase". Am I missing some thing or do these points formats suck and seem ment to bring in stick and ball sports fans?

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    I do not care for them either.
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      I'm not a fan of competition so I don't get the whole deal whether it's drag racing or football or whatever. That's why I've found my home in LSR where I just try to do my best and the only "competition" is with myself to see what I can learn and turn into faster speeds. I think the points chase and the rest is a sort of manufactured drama that has no meaning.



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        I agree the NHRA "count down to 1" sucks big time but it's here to stay I'm sure, that was their way of copying NASCAR which in itself is sad. A Pro team can have a great year in the first 18 races and then have some mis-steps in the last 6 races and finish completely out of the running, ask Tim Wilkerson about that!

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