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NASCAR removes roof cams....OR How to prevent seeing empty seats on TV......

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  • NASCAR removes roof cams....OR How to prevent seeing empty seats on TV......

    The Beatings will continue until MORALE IMPROVES !!!!

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    LOst my witty replay to the double reply buttons...again.
    I thought loss of downforce to following cars was normal in the draft? Last time I was at PHX nobody was following nose to tail,everybody was passing somebody.

    I vote not seeing empty seats on TV.


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      That's mind blowing to think that a roof cam could provide 80 to 90 pounds of down force. I guess they know what they're talking about, as much practice as they've had at figuring that stuff out. What's next? No, I just don't believe that.
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        I believe that they really think we are dumb enough to believe them. If everyone had one then what would the advantage one would have over another.I guess baseball will probably stop shooting over the pitcher the the batter and into the stands.
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          does NASCAR strictly control what the camera shows? You bet.

          Watch the Daytona races. If you look for me in the tent camping section in turn 3 (or 4), you won't see me. They always switch to a different camera view just before the turn 3 infield comes into view. The only exception I've seen since I've been watching is the the occasional blimp shot.
          If you know of the ghetto/ tent city/ mardis gras/ spring break sort of feel in turns 3 and 4, you probably know why they prefer to keep that view off the tv.

          I've noticed the half empty stands for a while now... it's about time they figured this out.

          While I hear that ticket prices have come down a little, they are still pretty high. Lower ticket prices may get more locals in the seats. Hotel price gouging is still going to keep some of the travelers away.

          People hear that an 11 night stay on the infield in February (in the camping section) costs about $1000, which includes 2 people's admission, a 20 x 40 site, and a tow pass so you can drive in and out through the tunnel - they think that's expensive. Compared to what the hotels charge for 2 nights, that's a bargain!


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            It's not just ticket prices. It's the stupid high concessions and the local hotels gouging people on race weekends.

            Pheonix had a very good crowd on Sunday.
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              maybe if they removed the in block cams instead of the on roof cams or used stock blocks and had bodies I could recognize, I'd care. There is that one body I recognize, she's a girl, but kinda hard to tell in a drivers suit.
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                One of the things that is interesting to think about is that a half empty Daytona still equals a larger crowd that can fit in any NFL stadium.
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                  The stands looked to be mostly full for the 500. Even the back (super stretch) was pretty well populated - they haven't even opened it for the July race in several years.