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    I used a 30 gallon garbage can with cat food to catch possums... In the HOUSE and rabbit house ( 100+ rabbits!).
    I've had pet rats, they can jump! Have shot at wood rats in the woods on the farm and they can jump 3-4 feet straight up on the run when a bullet gets too close..
    A ramp so they can get into the barrel..
    Something that will weigh them down/drown them with the bait floating?
    Just make sure they can't get back out!


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      Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm guessing the sound gizmos don't work since no one suggested them. I'm going to try the RAMIK stuff.

      We did have a stray cat wandering in our back yard that has been gone for a while, so it might be Beagle's third rat in my garage!
      Tampa, FL


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        Originally posted by Ron Ward View Post
        Buy a Hemi. Rats are scared to death of Hemis.
        Good one Ron!
        Whiskey for my men ... and beer for their horses!


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          You really don't want them dying where you can't get to them - the stench will stay around and drive you nuts trying to find the carcasses.

          I'm a fan of the bucket idea, they're contained - you know when you got them and how many. I'm not sure with the size of Rats you're talking about that a 5 gallon would be big enough - might need a 15 - an antifreeze mix will take care of them faster than water - and attract them with the sweet smell. Wire across the top with a pvc pipe that rolls on the wire, and some peanut butter... it's a tight rope no rodent can walk.
          There's always something new to learn.