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One lucky under semi...and survive !!!!

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  • One lucky under semi...and survive !!!!
    The Beatings will continue until MORALE IMPROVES !!!!

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    the wider mounting points saved butt on the one trailer that used it.

    it is alot like car frames. width of an 87 subaru framing inside and 7 feet wide on the out...with the same little framing width at the heart of it.

    big strong scary 5 foot wide on 7 foot steroids.

    that may be the number one demise of the classics we love.
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      Corvettes might be made of fiberglass and carbon fiber but they are incredibly strong and the passenger compartment holds together very well.
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        a car drove under a truck two weeks ago by my wifes job, some how the driver lived, not much of the car was over two ft
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          That's one lucky sob
          I like the last sentence of that article, "it's best to avoid tailgating, and hope if you too have an accident, there's time to duck."
          Rumors of my demise by rollover have been greatly exaggerated.


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            One of the guys on the vintage Mustang forum I hang out on got tangled up with a trailer. He spun his 66 on the hiway, went right into the side of the trailer just in front of the rear tires and got dragged down the road. the driver of the tractor didn't feel it and didn't know the Mustang was there . He was very lucky!
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              I don't know how it is now, but years ago when I was working on the shipping dock, those DOT bars (as we called them) on the back of trucks were basically just for looks, a requirement. A nice gesture in a five MPH rear end collision.

              They were installing DokLok systems on our shipping dock bay doors, a hook that goes around that bar to prevent the truck from leaving the bay while you're loading it. With outside and inside red and green traffic lights.

              We stood around laughing while it all was being put in. I was convinced it would take a week and we'd have a collection of DokLok hooks and wires out in the yard.

              Uhhh, no. In a week we had a collection of DOT bars out in the yard. That DokLok hook only punishes the trucker for pulling away, something to explain to his dispatcher. All of the truckers said they didn't even feel anything happening when they pulled that bar off of the trailer.
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                Dad made a wide right turn with his semi.. Sunbeam went around him (tried to) on the right.. Didn't see him.. Dragged him 600 yards up the road.. When the cop who saw the whole thing pulled him over.. They both raced back and the car was hooked to his tire chain rack.. Tires on the car were rubbed flat.. Guy was shook shitless.. Trailer wheels spun a groove just inches from the door seam.. Dad had the last big Cat V-8 the company had.. Drank lots of fuel! But that thing could just leap big hills! Dad mainly hauled long poles and glue-lamms.. Fuel costs forced the company to go to puny 6's ..


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                  I look at that picture and just can't help but wonder...did the LS7 survive?
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