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Groucho's FORD!!!!!!!!

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  • Groucho's FORD!!!!!!!!

    Me with a FORD? Let me have it suckas. LOL. I'll raise the front 2" and the rear 1" for now. Rock it like that for a little while, then make a Super Stock looking thing with teardrop Thunderbolt hood and 4 speed
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    Very Nice! I vote to skip the teardrop hood. I've never liked them.
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      Clean as a whistle! I hate the wheels and whitewalls. Sounds good with the lift and addition of the four speed and T-bolt style hood.

      Now you just need to put a Cammer in it and you'll be somebody. LOL

      Nice piece!
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        need a hi riser for the hood


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          I like it! Needs a big motor. Keeper, or flippin it??
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            Center caps and black walls and I'd leave it alone if I was keeping it. If your going to flip it , you know your turf.
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              Hell yeah!......teardrop a must!
              Also like the super stock idea.

              Great find.

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                I hate you Groucho! ;) Tha thing is bitchin!


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                  I'm a GM guy but that is cool as hell...
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                    If you're gonna do it, you do it right. I like.
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                      I like your ideas.
                      positive rake don't look right.

                      nice car in photos anyway.

                      the teardrop gets me wondering about the little offy lid I bought. Both for ford, seems to coincide in shape.. but a decade apart.
                      always wondering..
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                        wow-first me now you-crites ford parts has a bunch of glass and hard parts for that thing
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                          Unless its bangin for lack of clearance...I dig it jus the way it sits, tires, wheels and all.


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                            Get rid of the white walls! Knew you would see the light some day. Now that you have a real car I will be glad to take that plastic car (corvette) off your hands!

                            What motor, 390?


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                              Originally posted by Brian Lohnes View Post
                              I hate the wheels and whitewalls.
                              Me too.

                              Nice looking old Ford!
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