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Ultimate fail or winner?

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  • Ultimate fail or winner?

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    win. oem structure was a tragedy.

    I drove around in a 69...all original.
    hard telling what I would have done to it by now, being a welding mad man.
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      "Builders" who can't even put some good stance in a car -> Always Fail.

      Did he run out of 'ideas' when he got to the windshield frame?

      Besides that, I have deep rooted hatred for painted bumpers on older cars.


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          cool car, wheel tire combo and stance = fail
          Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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            Fail !!!


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              Lot of good parts, lots of nice paint work, unfortunately - it's combined with too many bad ideas.

              It will take a VERY unique buyer to think that thing is worth North of $20 grand.

              Seriously - if you want a roadster - build a cobra kit.
              There's always something new to learn.


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                Yuck! What a waste!
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                  This is one of those cars that has some cool stuff and then some "WTF was he smoking?" stuff. I can't give it thumbs up, but I don't think it is a total loss, either.
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                  It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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                    Lets just say it isnt something I would build, even if I was being paid for it.


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                      Modern day roadster, that's quite a commitment. That'd be a pain in the butt to wash. Unless a tree fell on it , bad idea. I don't think it looks to bad except for the windshield.
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                        not sure but i think that would fail an Ohio Highway Patrol roadside safety check ( which are fairly common here ) No header above the windshield .... but you could always just put it in your garage and stare at it. cool color.
                        Mike in Southwest Ohio