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  • Whats in a name ?

    Ford LTD....

    What did LTD stand for ?

    and what the hell is a Montego
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    LOL my friend in HS drove a Montego.

    It was FUGLY!


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      Originally posted by BOOOGHAR View Post
      Ford LTD....

      What did LTD stand for ?

      and what the hell is a Montego
      Limited Touring Douche...

      Montego is an exotic mexican vacation location before drug dealers took over..

      Damned if I know.

      Ohhh correction.. Montego Bay Jamaica.... Dunno how you are gonna drive there tho..
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        My guess, Montego is a reference to Montego Bay? Car co's named cars after points of interest.
        As if someone in Montego Bay would actually drive a Montego..

        LTD, hmm... My dad had a 76 Landau Coupe 400/C6 car..

        I've wondered what it meant. Some say it means.. Limited, Limited Edition, Luxury Touring Design, Lincoln Type Design..

        Others say.. Large Touring Device, Lunch Time Drinker, License To Drive, Luxury Transportation Device...

        I'm goin with Lunch Time Drinker...


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          Buick LaCrosse - in french means "masturbating teenagers"
          Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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            did people who drove Dodge Swingers have a open relationship with their partner
            Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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              Click image for larger version

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                LTD short for limited. Or limited edition, something fancy.

                Camaro is another one. GM's official story is that it is a french word for friendship. Though, I have heard you would have trouble finding a single french speaking person who has ever uttered camaro.
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                  Nova is spanish for NO GO...


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                    I always figured LTD implited Limited, which causes people to want something. Just tell them it's in limited supply, like .223 or .308 right now, and WHAM - Run on the market.


                    ooooh... an LTD. Even thought it's not an LTD, you can't say that without me thinking this.

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                      One of my favorites was "Celica" which is some resort island somewhere (if I got the right story). The funny side of this was that the Toyota reps couldn't pronounce the "l" so it became "Cerika" (Sir EEK ah). Every time they mentioned the car I had to force back a chuckle.

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                        <hijack alert>

                        Reminds me of the story about the Japanese carmaker.......had a new vehicle, but wanted a snazzy name for it, so they went to the Germans for advice and help. When they said there was a 2-week deadline before the vehicle would be released, the German engineer said, "dat soon?". You know the rest of the story........

                        <end of hijack>
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                          It might be time to name some new model "Recall".
                          That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!


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                            according to Wikipedia,
                            Chevrolet simply played with the letter C

                            Corsica is another one.

                            japs and others went two letter cars.
                            gl, dl

                            Volvo, Subaru

                            gt gt-r gtr

                            the gt definition got mauled, but the original is the best. "grand touring".. fast car with a/c.

                            RS is one that got around..rennsport, race sport, rally sport.. and in modern landspeed "real street". that is a label a custom builder can use on anything stepped up alittle.

                            I may do that..
                            RS GL
                            simple enough..
                            Previously boxer3main
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                              My camper is an RPC - real piece of crap... but that's another story.
                              Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.