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    3.0 liter Mercruiser 140hp / SBC bellhousing / T5

    Turbo from a "before they were black" 3.8 buick (carb'd originally, has a QJ flange and the infamous "Foot" 90* elbow / 3 bold outlet

    Ebay 4 bbl Throttle body
    Port injection
    Methanol supplement

    In something really light - like a Vega / Monza / RX7 (first gen)

    5-7 psi should be possible, would make it 210 ish HP, about 270 torque and pull like a boat motor. "RV" Cam like.

    I'm wondering what kind of MPG it would get.
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    Is a 3.0 Mercruiser the old Chevy II 4?


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      I believe so. They've been using the 2.5 and 3.0 version in boats forever. 4.0 bore, 3.6 stroke. From what I've read it uses a SBC bellhousing and has a 14" flywheel.
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        that would be an awesome thing to see and hear.
        very old offenhauser like..
        with more a gm bore and stroke.

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          It would make a good vibrator.


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            oooh Goody. Then Monica will like it maybe. I have an old 1200 Sportster, it can't be any rougher than that! (solid mount common pin v-twin=rough)

            Looks like I can put an adapter / spacer between an SN95 T5 and the Chevy bell, the Muncie is 6.50 and the T5 is 7.85 input shaft length. It will take a "custom" pilot bearing but I figure I can get one turned or maybe do one myself.
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              the early model 2.5 chevy heads had issues with the valve seats, the later ones, post 86 or somethin like that made good power, crane makes a cam for those

              the 2.5 I had in my S10 had the same head used in the boat engines, made good power for being a "stock" 4 banger and had good gas mileage
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                Don't forget the GM Atlas inlines. I concluded a while ago that the "best" engine candidate for a Miata swap was the 240hp vortech 3700 5 cylinder. V8's were too wide, inline 6's were too long, and 4 cylinders swaps weren't worth the effort.


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                  My burned up boat (screwed up interior) has a 230 hp 305 4bbl and Alpha one. The controls seem usable. The smaller boat has the 140 / 4cylinder. See where the problem starts?

                  Charles, I think there are 3 marine heads for the 181" 4 cylinder, I have no idea which one this is. Small 8 port, large 8 port, and six port. The cam in the boat mill is advertised 280, [email protected] , .443 lift which I think would play nice with a turbo. Supposedly a 114* LSA.
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                    I was under the impression that a normal SB Chevy head was a bolt on for that engine.


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                      Originally posted by Mr4Speed View Post
                      I was under the impression that a normal SB Chevy head was a bolt on for that engine.
                      if you have this engine block, and DEEP pockets

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                        The small V-6 is 173 ci.. This is 181 plus you can use a pretty good head on it!
                        Think how good it would be in a light car like a MG, Triumph GT, Sunbeam, stripped S-10...
                        Power, mileage.. Won't be no big block but make a hell of a daily driver!
                        Talked to circle track racers who ran those type of 4's they said 250-350 hp was very easily attained, I was blown away when they said they had (thumbs uo sign, with a big grin) in their small cars.. So something with 300 hp, streetable would make many of us grin like fools..

                        I know the 4 cyl was better than the little V-6 in the Bronco..
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                          Not the same block design Charles, from what I'm reading. That's a Iron Duke block, this is the old Chevy II block design I believe. I'm trying to find out more on this, apparently the Pontiac 151 is one thing, the Chevy II was a 153. Originally, Pontiac split a 389 for the four cylinder.

                          I'm not finding a ton of information on hotrod parts for the 181, but it's no biggy. All this junk is more or less laying around. I don't think I'd spend money on it. lol. I think I have enough junk for fuel only EFI for it, maybe look at a micro-squirt to drive it. The high dollar part would be a T5 rebuild and an adapter plate, maybe a driveshaft length adjustment.
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Vortec 3000.jpg
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                            Vortec 3000 is apparently how GM refers to it.
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