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Smokey Yunick speech video

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  • Smokey Yunick speech video

    interesting video, not sure if Brian has posted this before

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    I enjoyed watching that, I have always admired Smokey Yunick for his ability to create race cars and race engines that were ahead of the times. It's now a forgotten profession and racing has lost that element for ever.
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      Wow. That is the first time I have ever heard Smokey speak. Definitely a legend!! Thanks for posting.


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        Attended a few of his seminars years ago. That video only just begins to show how much of a character he really was. The racing and life stories in his book are well worth the read. A true legend, thanks for sharing.
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          used to be the best part of SEMA
          smokey ..earl gaerte , bobby unser , kenny bernstein . dr dick berrgreen , french grimes
          my brother , no race fan , said he misses smokey's seminars the most when we talk about sema


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            So unassuming......too bad we don't have those kinds of guys around much nowadays.......that was great, thx for putting it up.
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