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Decent 240D Mercedes Body For Sale

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  • Decent 240D Mercedes Body For Sale

    My buddy has decided to take the 240D engine and so we can pass the body on to a new home.

    If anyone is interested contact me and we'll work out a price. I'll be going to Wilmington, OH at the beginning of June and don't have a full trailer so I could deliver it in that direction for the price of my fuel. Of course if anyone near Wilmington NC (notice that there are 2 Wilmingtons involved here) is interested we can work something out as well.

    Pics are in my "My New Ride" thread. It's a pretty clean car with 3 good doors (one has a slight dent), good wheel arches, and a decent though not perfect interior. It would be great for someone who wants to do a swap into an unusual body style. There is the start of rust in the floors and I'd recommend welding that in before wading into swapping mechanicals. The RF fender will need replaced or it could be pulled with a stud gun and a slide hammer.

    The car will be w/o engine, transmission, and supporting gear.

    Price negotiable. A discount is available to anyone performing a non-SBC implant (BBB, FE, etc.).

    This same post is on a Benz forum so act fast!

    PM me and we'll exchange info


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    LT1 will shred the rear end ..Ernie had a 240 with a sBC


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      Don't we have a classified area ?


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        True enough, BD. I was sort of teasing the guys with the possibility of this coming available so I stuck it here. Move it if appropriate.