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  • Big Let Down Today

    A few months back, late Feburary, Hot Rod Magazine posted on their Facebook page they were looking for editors for their online department. One of my friend's even posted a link to my page. So, I updated my resume for the first time in a decade and applied online for their Associate Online Editor. Hell, a few of my friends here have been pestering me that I should work for a magazine.

    It took six weeks before I heard from Source's HR dept thst they wanted to interview me. I polished up my shoes and went in dressed in a suit like I wear at my current job. I interview with Michael Floyd who is in charge of the online part of the magazines and has been running Motor Trends internet content. He said they wanted to hire something by the end of April.

    May 1st came around and I thought they hired someone else. But, Friday, I ran into a buddy at Bob's who works for a mag's ad department and he said that they were still trying to figure out that department and its direction. Between that and I saw the mag editors were still doing all of the blogs, I figured there was still a chance. Until today, when I got another email from Source's HR dept. They said they had filled the position.

    Some of you knew what I was doing, including Brian and Chad. But, for the most part, I kept it to myself that I was applying. I just didnt want to discuss it too much. Even though getting the job would basically eliminate me from writing any blogs for Bang Shift anymore, Brian and Chad were my biggest supporters. I suppose I could still hang out on this forum, but my contributions would have been severly limited.

    The job would have me working with the HRM staff, but not on magazine content. The job requires spreading the brand in the world of the web. I was excited, motivated, and passionate about the thought of working down the hall from my favorite mag editor. My wish was to undo the damage and undig the hole Source's IT dept did to the mag's website and especially their ghost town of the forum. As much as I love Bang Shift and the people here, I thought it was sad that HRM's two signature events was almost completely talked about, news reported, and networked on several forums like BangShift'sw, but not on's. It would have a ton of work and a huge challenge to undig that monster hole, but I wanted to take it on.

    Sadly, that wont be happening any time soon. But, Brian and Chad will continue to let me post up my scribbles here on Bang Shift. I am working on a new product preview for those who like boosted engines. I am also one step away from seeing how my old 383 can take boost in the name of turbos. My plan is unbelievably simple and, so far, stupid cheap. I dont think I will have more than $1000 in parts in the upgrade. But, you numb nuts will have to meander over to the home page of this website to read about that stuff.
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    Scott, you're always the one here on the forum with the short statement of wisdom when we go insane and I really like that.

    I don't know what to say.

    Writing for print publication....I've done it, on a tiny small scale, a local newspaper five thousand years ago.

    Man I don't know what to say.
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      For me, I'm happy..As I get to read your stuff on here.. And you won't be too famous or busy to answer my emails!
      But for you, I'm sad and pissed!
      They don't know what they let slip thru their fingers..
      Keep your chin up, it will happen some day!
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        It's not all it's cut out to be, the writing thing by itself (like I'm any sort of an authority).

        The Big Deal is you get to see your words on paper. That's the thrill. And for the most part it's a private thrill. Look at that. I WROTE that. And it is really is a thrill.

        The recognition and notoriety, not so much, and I didn't want that to begin with. I stood in line at Sears to pay my credit card bill and when it was my turn the lady looked at my name on the bill and looked at me, and looked at the bill and looked at me, and gasped, "You're the Bicycle Guy!"

        "Uh, yeah. Can I get my receipt, please?" She was impressed, her day was changed. Mine was not. I'm still just me. I'm still not at all impressed with me.
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          Scott, writing for print is indeed a thrill but unless I've gone entirely wrong in the past 25 years, and I may be behind....we'd make lots more money picking up empty cans beside the road.

          Back then I made $50 per month doing it. And then they said they couldn't afford to pay me anymore. But I kept doing it anyway because it was so much fun. Just sayin'
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            Nobody writes for any publication thinking they are going to get rich, unless they are an idiot. You obviously have no clue to why I do it. I dont get paid for the hours I spend taking pictures, editing them, and writing the blogs here at Bang Shift but I still get great enjoyment out of it. Some dumbasses.think every editor at the car mags gets free parts raining down from the heavens the second they get the job. Total horseshit and farthest from my mind. And fame? Please. If I wanted that, I'd use my contacts in Hollywood for that.
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              Sorry to hear Scott.
              It's all about doing the things you like and love. Having a paid job in the process is 'just' very nice benefit.

              I, and I think everyone agrees that HotRod's online presence in the form of a forumcommunity indeed leaves a lot to be desired. Would be nice if one could blow/inject/supercharge some new life into that.
              The guy or corporate suits currently responsible for creating the ghosttown should be looking for something else to do.

              But, don't you think it was your actual suit that maybe did you in? ;)


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                My understanding of web product placement is as much sales as anything Scott... and the sales guys would likely be your biggest enemy trying to do anything with HRM or any SI site. The IT guys would probably be thrilled to not have to support it.

                Bummer on the gig though.
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                  I'm sure another door will open for you Scott! will continue watching your posts here!
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                    I saw that on your facebook page, sorry Scott... but IMO you're needed here more than anything. I have a hunch Bangshift is gonna move forward fast in the years to come & you will be an invaluable asset to this site & it's members. I've read your blogs & noticed you have less gramarical errors then Brian & Chad


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                      Sorry to hear this, Scott. You are immersed in the "hotrod" lifestyle, and working in the industry would be like a dream come true. A job you "enjoy" and are proud of is something that is worth so much more than money.

                      Years ago, when I was getting out of the military, I applied for a job as an operator/ troubleshooter for a Hydroelectric power plant in northern AZ. A nice govt job in a state I love... but after several months, I had all but forgotten about it, sure they had hired someone else more qualified. Several more months go by before I get a letter saying that they hired someone else. I was pretty disappointed, thinking that I had been a candidate that long, and that if only I would have _____ maybe I'd have gotten the job.
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                        Originally posted by tardis454 View Post
                        i saw that on your facebook page, sorry scott... But imo you're needed here more than anything. I have a hunch bangshift is gonna move forward fast in the years to come & you will be an invaluable asset to this site & it's members. I've read your blogs & noticed you have less gramarical errors then brian & chad
                        lol :-)


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                          better luck next time


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                            Bummer, Scott. Having had a couple of articles published in HRM I can tell you it's a thrill. Those ancient articles still come up from time to time and it feels good to say "Yeah, I wrote that".

                            Your day will come.



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                              Once upon a time........ I had pics and editorial published in CarCraft... So I have a small inkling of your desire....

                              This upsets me, since DF still Owes me $500.00 for my small gig....

                              I know this guy named Guido who has cauliflower ears and swings a Bat.

                              If ya need me to have him visit a couple folks for ya..........

                              Mike in Southwest Ohio