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Motorcycle safety foundation basic rider course...

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  • Motorcycle safety foundation basic rider course...

    I've spent quite a bit of my time in the last month or so looking into and trying to find a place to set up a Rider course here in Enterprise Alabama..

    Lots of reasons... but mostly because I really miss teaching... and I can't think of a better way to piss away a couple of weekends a month...

    So... bottom line... I'm going to a school today to monitor the course as it's run in Birmingham Alabama... bout 180 miles from me to the north.. should be a Nice ride and weekend...

    Danny... if you catch this... drop me a line my phone number is on the ECTA-LSR site...


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    Re: Motorcycle safety foundation basic rider course...

    WOW, I was talking to my friend about this the other day, we have access to about 15 miles of private road that goes through the woods/gated community with a speed limit of 25-30 MPH and no drivers license is needed...I figured you couldn't ask for a better location, too bad it's so far from you, lol..keep in touch if you're into expanding!


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      Re: Motorcycle safety foundation basic rider course...

      They're supposed to be administered basicly the same in all states Keith, I've been to 4 different classes in 3 different states as well as to the instructors course by request in NC (only to find out I didn't have the time to take from the shop to put into me being trained to be an instructor). I found the classes all "generally" the same other then dialect and mannerisms of the instructors (as well as the level of some fun competition stuff after class for those that wanted in on the experienced courses)... so a little Turk spin on the curriculum could prove to be very entertaining I'm sure.

      Any parking lot of adequate size that offers a nearby classroom and a secure area that can house the bikes and offer maintenance room on them is sufficient (the reason community colleges make for optimum locations). A vo-tech school would be the best in my opinion (and I hate that more of them don't have MC courses today btw), but I wouldn't discount the larger auto dealerships that have white shirts that ride, they have everything needed on hand and might like the hands-off involvement.

      Good luck with it.. first thing I'd do(if you haven't already, and this is how I got into it checking it out for one of my ex-wife's orginally) is to go to the beginners class like a begginer, then the advance class, even take the two up class with Tonya and a sidecar class if you have access (you need a hack and a funny set of goggles anyway). Do it in at least a couple places.. this way you get the student end of the study rather then the observer version... and damn if (by accident of course - lol) I didn't learn stuff that I already "thought" I knew.
      Todd --> Pro MSRF