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Awesome figure 8 racing! Video!

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  • Awesome figure 8 racing! Video!

    Me and the family went out to Raceway Park in Shakopee last night for their friday night of destruction event. There was some really great figure 8 racing - Adam Radiski attempted to pass through the crossroads of doom 50 times without lifting- see what happens in the video! These guys have nerves of steel and unbeleivable skill.

    Check it out, I posted the video on youtube:

    They also had a flagpole race that was pretty crazy -

    part 1:

    part 2:

    I hope you enjoy the videos! Joel
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    very cool, what track was that ?
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      It's raceway park in shakopee, minnesota. Unfortunately, the track will close permanently after the 2013 season - they have been racing there and putting on this incredible show since the 50's. But now they can't keep the stands full enuff to pay the expenses.


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        that's some crazy-a$$ racing

        never seen a flagpole race....maybe i'm too sheltered


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          Saw your post on moparts.Looks like a blast!


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            Whatta HOOT! I'd never seen a flagpole race either - crazed Yankees on a thawed-out flat track. The figure 8 race was awesome.

            In the second flagpole race the guy in the blue car with the yellow top, the guy who went the rest of the way insane at the end of it with the doughnuts, he was just out there having crazy-fun. He bypassed the flagpole twice early on so I guess he was already DQed, just kept on going?

            EDIT: I had to watch that again, that's just too MUCH to watch. It wasn't the blue/yellow 66 car that bypassed the flagpole, it was the other blue 6 car that drove straight past it on the very first lap. I think. Too much to soak in. Like herding cats. Too much to watch. Wow, whatta show.
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              That guy burning donuts after the flagpole race was hilarious. He was obviously having just as good a time on the track as we were in the stands.
              I talked to Adam Radiski in the pits after the race. He's the guy who won the figure 8 in the white car with purple Flames. He said he was driving someone else's extra car and it was underpowered, so he know if he ever lifted, the other cars would catch him and he would never regain the ground.


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                Flagpole racing..only in America!!..Looks like a lot of B body chevys from the eighties.


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                  Okay by now I've watched that 6 times. The other blue car was No. 9, not 6. I think. And he for sure blew past the flagpole on the first two laps and then he disappeared from the field - what did he get black flagged?

                  That' I've never seen flagpole racing down here before. Because we don't have any paved bullrings to speak of. Everything is banked dirt ovals.

                  Joel thanks so much for putting those vids up. Well worth the price of admission, in our case "free."
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