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Bought another car...or..My wife is gonna kill me

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  • Bought another car...or..My wife is gonna kill me

    My father went for a road trip last week to visit an old childhood friend who he hellraised...I mean chummed around with growing up. Seems he has some cars he is clearing out and wanted dad to have a look.
    My dad soon phoned me with "how much money do you want to spend?" uh oh! Soon he was back in town with a picture and a bill of sale (seems he spent my money anyway ) It's a 1929 Ford roadster/pickup. It is the front half of a real roadster that someone put a box on years ago.
    My dilemma other than not letting wifey find out right away is what to do with it. Making it an actual roadster pickup would be easier than returning it to the roadster it was (and cheaper) but I kinda would like an actual roadster. Oh yeah I bought it for less than 1k
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    yard art
    that bad boy will not be running for a little while
    I like the finish


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      Awsum score !
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        so if we tell your wife, I can get it for less than 1k in the estate sale? you really know how to tempt a man, don't you?
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          full fendered roadster pickup....good lawd, i might just poop myself at the thought.
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            Man......great score!!

            Got any tips on how I could hide this?
            All original sheet metal, 89,000 original miles
            I could drive it home.
            Damn! Damn!


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              Monk, if I was able to actually drive something home for a change I wouldn't have to hide it That 55 is seriously cool, I still miss the one I had back in the 90's and it was nowhere near that nice


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                Its hard to give advice, as each individual wife/alien-species/woman is so different from the others...

                But here goes. Ideas as they come to me, or as I have applied them. Most actually work, I think the trick is to keep trying new ones. They seems to learn from repetition?

                1. Call it parts. Seriously. When you go to pick it up, or when it arrives on its own, refer to it as some parts. The fact that they are somewhat assembled and resemble a fairly complete car is not your fault, some parts do that.

                2. Deny all knowledge. Blame Dad (works especially nice in this instance too!), say that it is some parts he picked up and left at your place for some reason or other. You are still trying to figure it out yourself.

                3. Stash it in a far corner and cover it with clutter from other parts of your work area. Proclaim how you have tired of your slovenlyness and have cleaned at least part of the shop/yard/whatever. Most women understand this, after all, ever look at her shoe stash?

                4. Actually sell something once in a while. This works particularly use it to your advantage. Be sure to buy something you have absolutely no interest in, let it sit around long enough to be a mild irritant. Make sure it is visually worse than the worst of the stuff you want to keep. So in effect, you are buying something just to have something to "get rid of".

                I could keep going, but I have some "stuff" to unload. Later!
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