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NHRA Scott Kalitta statement

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    Re: NHRA Scott Kalitta statement

    Awesome book:

    Bill Simpson: Racing safely, living dangerously

    It's his auto-bio written pre Dale E crash. Weird to read it and know what happens next.

    Impact safety gear is the real deal though. He landed on his feet.

    That which you manifest is before you.


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      Re: NHRA Scott Kalitta statement

      Jeff Burk´s angle on it,

      "How can the NHRA racers who went on TV after the Scott Kalitta crash and took the track and NHRA to task, railing about safety issues, then went out the next morning and got into the same cars on the same track and put themselves in the same peril, expect their safety concerns to be effective with the sanctioning body management?"


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        Re: NHRA Scott Kalitta statement

        The gig about someone dieing around you is that intellectually you have a "NEED" to find something wrong... He did X or Y and I'd Never do that...
        It's all human nature... so I can't fault any Driver railing against the track or car's at the time of the guys death... honestly they are simply dealing with the death of someone close to them... and it's a hard thing to do.

        Brian... going back to the beginning of this thread... the part about "dieing doing what you Love" is one of the most valid comments in the book... here is my take... Basically you can sit in an arm chair, take no risk, and live vicariously... or you can get up... turn off the idiot box and participate in life. A person has to know that if you get up there are risks... and those include the ultimate sacrifice... But if your out there doing what you love, your life's passion... then it's simply the cost of doing business... at least he didn't die from to many beers in front of a TV...

        Doing what you love gives life value.



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          Re: NHRA Scott Kalitta statement

          uhm, i agree with keith on this one....
          driving a funnycar is dangerous, we all know that, scott knew that, his dad knew that.
          you see the same guys every weekend, no one can replace him, but we have to move on.
          no need to over react, he wouldn't have wanted it that way.
          i feel for his family.....
          Originally posted by TC
          also boost will make the cam act smaller