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  • WooHoo!

    After 2 years of working night shift and going to school full time, my wife finally finished with school! -again-
    I hope it's the last time! She is still a nurse Practitioner, but now also a DR. of Nursing Practice.
    Very proud of her, and quite glad it's over!

    Now it's on to paying for it...Vanderbilt AIN'T cheep ya know.

    Oh and I do not have a problem being introduced as Dr. and Mr. DWB either

    I'm only a little sad about never sleeping with a coed again

    Now she will have time to bring me beer again .....or Maybe I will retire back into the shop and get something done for a change! HMMMMM
    A.K.A. Brian
    Jack of many trades-master of none

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    Congratulations to Dr. Mrs. DWB!!

    I always refer to my doctors as "nice Doctor lady" ... Nice Doctor lady DWB kind of has a ring to it.
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      LOL - She used to work in a large level 1 trauma center. She worked next to the trauma docs and functions at a very high level. In the small hospital she works at now, she is the first one called in an emergency on any floor - sometimes in the ER too. Some of the docs egos have a hard time, but she has more EMERGENCY background and training than they do....
      That said she does not want to be called DR, or she jokes "I'm not that kind of doctor".
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      A.K.A. Brian
      Jack of many trades-master of none


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        Congrats to her and to you for enduring!

        My wife got her Masters of Library Science (from UNT, Beags) a few years ago and I think I was happier she was done than she was. She did it online and was WELDED to the computer all.. the.. time..

        Thankfully, that was the end of her higher education aspirations!
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          Damn cool! Congrats to both! Her for finishing, you for paying for it!


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            SOooo, are you a kept man now?

            Seriously though, Congratulations to you both. I know higher education can be a pita when home & family have to be put on hold.



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              been down that road, congrats to YOU and her....

              There is a lot of sacrifice from both when someone is seeking higher education...Wife went full time for close to 10 years, 5 of it while working full time. Its a difficult road to traverse.
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                Wow that's a heavy load to endure for that length of time - congrats!

                I can't imagine working and going to school and being a parent. Bachelors is plenty for me thanks!
                There's always something new to learn.


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                  Congrats! I thought about going for a PhD, but at my age, I don't see any real benefit in my field. Plus all the money and time it takes.... I have other things I want to do. To go to school for that would be putting the rest of my life on hold. Something I don't want to do.

                  But it is a major accomplishment. Congrats again!
                  Why think when you can be doing something fruitful?


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                    Man thats great.


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                      Thanks guys, it really is a load off with her finishing this odyssey.

                      Her classes were primary online, she had to be on campus one week per semester- and to present/defend her project.
                      Lots of time and lots of stress.
                      She was like a bulldog, working 7 on 7 off 12 hour night shifts while doing 2 weeks of school work on her off days. Not to mention I could not make any noise on her daytime sleep schedule while keeping up with 3 dogs 9 acres and self employment.....oh and work in the shop has been on complete hold to keep up with everything else........I just bought my first ever 4 post lift, time to get some crap done!

                      Soooooo glad its over
                      A.K.A. Brian
                      Jack of many trades-master of none


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                        Sooooooooooooo... is it time to play Dr.?
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                          Originally posted by silver_bullet View Post
                          Sooooooooooooo... is it time to play Dr.?
                          Nope, I think he wants to play "patient". Lol


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                            Congrats! If we hit the Lottery ME would sign up for a PhD in Music (Music Ed, I think) and the LAST place I'd want to go is near a school. I don't learn well in a classroom setting.



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                              I can't get this song out of my head with the title of this thread:

                              There's always something new to learn.