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woodworkers step on in .. router table.

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  • woodworkers step on in .. router table.

    Ok no cash to buy one.. as a good one is 129.00 and up..
    while reorganizing the basement I found a table I forgot I had, that has fold up legs (wood) and is nice and sturdy.. looks like it was used as a painters table, will have to sand the top of the paint..
    how would one mount the router to the table to make it into a router table.. router is a top of the line craftsman plunge type..
    I have one of those jigs for the shelving holes that space the holes for adjustable shelves that I could drill into the ends of the table to make a guide for straight routered lines.. should I drill the hole for the router bit in the table center or off to one end, for wider boards
    table is 30"x48"


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      This might have some tips you could use:

      You'd have to come up with some sort of a fence, but an old framing square, some laminate or MDF, and a few clamps would do the trick in a pinch.
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        Silly me, forgot about u-tube


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          stay as dynamical ingenuitive as it needs.

          I used to build houses, the trim took forever.
          some of the setups we weeble woobled a 12 hour day through...

          think quick. Don't over think.
          that is actually an easy chore..
          router table.

          memory it turns out, one could tinker all day with a router table. We ended up laughing because the final setup, regardless of time it took..ends up the signature of any pieces created.

          The goal was to keep one setup, thousands of feet...a whole house.

          I guess I am saying make it sturdy, even if outline is less than perfect..
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            May be ssome thing here of help.


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              Plunge type? That's going to be interesting. You may have to pull the springs and / or bottom it out first.
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                that's what I was thinking Beags...
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                  Originally posted by phitter67 View Post
                  May be ssome thing here of help.
                  Ken here from

                  I know this thread is an old one, but thanks for the link!

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                    I enjoy wood working but if I had the room to do it well I'd use it for working on cars/motors.



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                      My shop does double duty. I push the car stuff aside every once in a while and make something for the house. Good for Brownie points, too.