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    Well, I finally motivated myself to start practicing my guitar, been for about a week and half, and I broke a string, so I'm just going to buy a whole new set, since I have no idea what the guitar came with anyway.
    I love the blues sound, and since I know there are a few of you who actually play, I was wondering if yall have any recommendations for what strings to get
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    Always liked D'Addario XL's or GHS Boomers.
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      The brand of strings don't matter too much, but a set of 10-46 should work well for that guitar. I go through a lot of strings and I usually buy what's on sale at Guitar Center. If you want a brand recommedation you can't go wrong with D'Addario or Ernie Ball.


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        D'Addario XL's here on the electric, Martin Phosphor Bronze on the Acoustic. I usually have 11's on the electric, but if you havent been playing long, go with 9's or 10's.


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          Blues usually involves a bit of string bending. Unless you have been playing a while and have lots of hand strength, I'd recommend staying with light to medium strings. The D'Addario's mentioned previously are a good choice. If you wanna get the best bang for your buck, wipe 'em down after you play to keep the oil and corrosion down to a minimum.
          It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.