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    Computer repair web design.
    Last edited by tardis454; November 24, 2013, 02:15 AM.

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    Cool! I go through IBM thinkpads pretty quick... Maybe theres something that can be done to keep em up and running. Next time one fails Ill look your site up (bookmarked). Seeing the old units on your website got me thinking. I pulled out my Compac PCXT and booted it up. DOS and a 10meg hard drive with dual 5.25s... I was the king data logger in 86. It took about 8 minutes for the 5" green screen to show any life...
    Bruce K Bridges


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      Originally posted by tardis454
      Thanks BK! I'm no expert 30+yr tech by any stretch, but I can fix most any computer that can be fixed, even DOS!

      Thanks for the likes guys, I think Gail was the first BS'r to like the page, you rock Gail! Thank You!

      I'm hoping to get my name out there & make something out of these skills I have.
      Tardis, I am not going to "like" you, but after reading about you fixing a motherboard by frying it in a cast iron skillet... I do hold you in very high regard.


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        excellent site and idea.

        I build my own, since 1999.

        I miss the dos, but the nt kernel is very smart.
        breathing new life in the metal, a lot like an old car.. they even like electrons.

        my case is 2001.
        Previously boxer3main
        the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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          ive got a older puter that I need to HIGHLY modify for photo editing, storing, ect ect
          Charles W - BS Photographer at large