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  • Not for the dough..

    In 1975 i watched this film for the first time,and i must have seen it 100 times after that.

    Flåklypa Grand Prix as it was called in norwegian,was produced by Ivo caprino.

    The films story is about Reodor felgen and his friends daily work as a cycle mechanic up in the hills.

    One of his former mechanics has stolen some new part that reodor has invented,and this former mechanic has done it big in the racing with this part.

    So long story short.Reodor starts his own racing team,and im sure some of you have seen this film.

    A norwegian group called Multicyde did a new version on the song from the film some years ago.

    And in 76 the film had been seen by so many people and it was a huge success,so the producer had an italian bodyexpert make a fullscale clone on a 66 Cadillac ambulance chassis with 454 Chevy Big block.

    This vid shows a tv clip of it.

    Are there someone who have seen this film?

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    Re: Not for the dough..

    I haven't seen the film, but I can't disagree with a thing the narrator said! Weird - sort of like "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (can anyone find a pic?).



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      Re: Not for the dough..

      yeah, I can use google images

      My fabulous web page

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        Re: Not for the dough..

        The film was called Pinchcliffe Grand Prix in english.


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          Re: Not for the dough..

          $102 US to order a copy!! Holy overpriced video's Batman!

          Ooops....that was for 2 copies. My bad.
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