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Are you only a "real" car guy if you turn your own wrenches?

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  • Are you only a "real" car guy if you turn your own wrenches?

    I just read something that bothered me. It sounded kind of snobbish, like you are only in the "cool kids" car country club if you build your own cars.

    Personally, I think it's a hinderence to the hobby to keep people out, or make fun of them if they don't build their cars with their own hands. Many people just don't have the talent for it. Yes, I do as much as I can. But, that is only because I am poor and don't have the cash to pay others to do work for me.

    It seems we get after every celebrity who has someone build a car for them. They are not "real" car guys because they paid so-and-so to build their fancy, schmancy hot rod. I see people get mad because they write a check instead of getting dirt under their nails. If that is the case, I guess Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn't one either. He has paid several companies to build him hot rods of every kind. Most recently, those guys of Gas Monkey Garage and TV's "Fast and Loud" built a '56 Nomad for him. I hate to tell the snobs out there, but there are just as many car guys who don't turn their own wrenches. Or, is it the blue collar car guys hating the white collar car guys?

    In the days we have where every state government wants to get rid of every race track and remove hot rods from the roads; can we really afford to belittle those gearheads who can't, or don't, build their own hot rods?

    What do you think?
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    Two way street. I've seen people that have never actually wrenched on their car outside of maybe changing the oil talk down a car someone built, painted, etc in their own time with their own skill set because that person's car had imperfections. Those guys annoy me far worse than the guys wrenching on their cars talking down to the guys that check booked it.

    I agree the division sucks and both are car guys, just some are more hands on than others, either due to skill set or disposable income. I know I'd pay someone to do a lot of work on my cars if my disposable income were higher. I'd gladly check book a finished DeLorean with a clean LS engine install. I have no desire to do the swap, but I want one.
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      I count the check book hot rodderers with the rest of us unroll they get snobbish. If that happens, I simply call them check book hot tossers and that shuts them up. And yes I would be one if I could afford it. I'll admit it.
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        Originally posted by TheSilverBuick View Post
        DeLorean with a clean LS engine install.

        Rabble-rouser! You're just trying to gig Bruab . . . AND the opponents of the LESS . . . (Why, why, why would ANYONE want a LESS?) . . . I need a "sick bag," quick . . . .

        As to the OP . . . there's plainly room for both . . .

        Does a quadriplegic in an iron lung cease to be a "car guy" merely because he can't "spin wrenches?" What about an OG SCTA member in a nursing home? What about a twelve-year-old who doesn't yet own a car?

        And . . . channeling the banned TC (last seen reading up on Anne Frank) . . . what about a certain "Geek" who reportedly manipulates the binary for others but makes the scene in some sort of awful Nipponese appliance snooze-mobile?

        As many car clubs say "ownership is not required . . . enthusiasm is."

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          If they drive their cars, a car guy. The ones that have bought a car, then have other people take care of it, take it to show etc, not so much.

          Jr probably could build his cars, but with his schedule it would take years. Call up a shop, tell them what he wants, writes the check, poof, instant gratification.

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            Originally posted by HoosierL98GTA View Post
            hot tossers
            Sounds seamy.


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              this is a topic that irks me. If I could write a check to get a car built you could be damned sure I would. Not because I am lazy or scared but because there is no way, NO WAY I would ever build my dream car by myself, in my garage. Would I like to, sure but the reality is I do not have the skill set to build one ground up. It wouldnt make my pasion for classic cars any less than the dude next door who just finished his nut and bold resto on a 55 Chevy in his garage.

              Those that build their cars and look down on those that dont are hypcrites IMO. And those that dont and criticise the home built car because Joe Blue Collar didnt have to coin write a check bug me too. What I know is there are douchebags everywhere who feel the need to look down on others for no reason but to make themselves feel good. There are those that buy and build just so they have people look at them and pay attention to them...maybe they are car guys, maybe not...its not about owning one, building one or buying one....its about loving them, the lines, the artistry, the speed, sounds dont need to build a car to love those things.

              As far as I am concerned anyone who loves cars is a car guy. You dont have to build them to love them, thats why there are car bulders. Thats why there have been so many successful and sadly unsuccessful custom shops, hot rod shops, speed shops and spcecialty car builders.

              Thats like saying I cant like football because I dont play or I cant use a computer because I dont know how to build one....hell, if that is the case USAF pilots cant fly because they cant fix jet engines...
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                Originally posted by The Outsider View Post

                Rabble-rouser! You're just trying to gig Bruab . . . AND the opponents of the LESS . . . (Why, why, why would ANYONE want a LESS?) . . . I need a "sick bag," quick . . . .

                Originally posted by The Outsider View Post
                (Post No. 4,000! That's a lot of time wasted . . . .)
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                  Run into it in derbys all the time..
                  Are we scum for wrecking cars? Or are we sending the car to the boneyard in the sky in a blaze of glory? A last hurrah?
                  Are we HACKS or are we masters because we can make a car run to it's last gasp? And go yet again?

                  I recently sent a set of pics of some of you of my kids' cars.. Believe it that every car ran and moved on it's own power..

                  Yes there is room for us all.. Like Randall says.. The guys that are worse are the ones who look down their noses at the "less than perfects"


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                    this again depends on purpose.
                    a product oriented build, it is everybodys business.

                    in more cases than not even today,
                    it is easier to go custom.
                    degree that cam, monitor air fuel like a scientist...

                    the real car guy does exist. Checkbook versions are still nice. I'd do a few too, for a lot of money and clean hands.

                    my motivation was actually sick and tired of the whole cloning thing.

                    I even attacked a Japanese tin can my way.

                    to each their own.
                    if someone asked "will the real car guy stand up?"

                    I still would not.

                    there is a line called "unreal", I have crossed it.
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                      Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
                      Run into it in derbys all the time..
                      Are we scum for wrecking cars? "
                      Gee, a "checkbook" derby driver must be double scum . . .

                      As a preservationist, I just can't bear to watch derbies or monster truck events (even though logically I know that virtually all of the cars wasted would otherwise have been crushed without removal of parts that builders in 50-60 years will pay a mint for . . . . )

                      [Clarification: Don't misunderstand . . . I'm not saying that monster truckers and derbyites are "scum" . . . I merely don't share their appetite for destruction. ]
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                        there is a certain credibility ,,,,,,,,,otherwise you are FRANK ....a car guy who details things


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                          Derbies are Automotive Cockfights


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                            I build my own stuff, yet I look up to the checkbook guys....their cars have nice paint!

                            I can afford to have someone else do the work for me, but I still would rather do it myself and have it look so-so and be slow, etc.

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                              There are "car guys" and guys with cars. I'm not sure just how fuzzy the line between the two is. I think you'll know who the guy with the car is after a pretty short conversation.