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  • Need Some advice/help from East Coast's

    Hey guys the wife and I are going on vacation to Virginia this month and I need some travel advice. We have never driven anywhere where the population density is this high and never have had to deal with multilane freeways and the like
    I could use some advice on what not to do (or where not to go) and some things to watch out for. Milwaukee is the biggest place I have driven in and it was only for two days and that gave me fits. The wife wants to go to Washington, DC. and I have heard it's better to take a tour than go it yourself. Anything you guys can tell me will be appreciated

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    the pace chimes in quick.

    a rule of thumb I use for east coast..
    its about stamina (you and the vehicle). Don't let the pace fool you.

    its kinda fun.

    I am the nut I am because of it.
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      This probably sounds strange to you guys but I am a little anxious about it all. We are staying in Williamsburg, VA and will be touring around from there.
      Even though I have been to 17 US states ( and drove most of them!) we were never near large populated centers and were mainly camping and seeing the best of rural America.


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        I have driven in DC... 40 years ago...
        Was a madhouse then..
        I played rugby at the foot of Washington Monument and across the street from Jefferson Memorial and the treasury..
        You can walk alot of the ones in town like Wash.Mon, Jefferon, Lincoln Memorial..
        My pic was in the college ads at the Linc. Mem.
        If I was to do it again, I'd tour or taxi or have someone local drive me..
        Named streets are one direction while alphabet are another.. Catholic Univ. Is on M street.. Or is it Georgetown?
        I played vs Annapolis's club.. I was in the "b" eague, their club was the "c"'s and they trounced us.. This was during the Nam war, I could see ships at dock.. Not allowed to get close..
        Lots lots lots to see.. I didn't see 1/8th the sights!
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          When you go to Virginia, do the speed limit trust me on that one. Anything over 80 is reckless driving regardless of the flow of traffic. Otherwise study a map before you venture around town to familiarize yourself with where you want to go.


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            Williamsburg,Va. is a really nice area.

            One bit of advice when I travel from Florida up north I try to stay off route 95 as much as I can.

            I enjoy driving on route 81 much better even though it adds a few hours on the trip.

            The first toll on the trip is when I cross the Hudson River in up state New York.



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              When going to DC, dont drive. We get a place in Arlington, VA in walking distance to the metro. Buy an unlimited pass for the time you will be there. Have fun!


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                I live just outside Williamsburg! Yes, DC is a wonderful experience but traffic is horrible. Rush hour is 0600-1000 and then there is lunch traffic and then rush hour is 1400-1800 again. Interstate 95 is most convenient but you have not lived until you are stuck in gridlock on a 7 lane highway. If you are looking to tour DC, use the metro and/or the buses. Its a hassel if you have kids but the better way to go. Parking is also very bad and expensive. The metro has trains that start outside in the burbs.

                BTW, if you like BBQ....look up Pierces in Williamsburgh. Its the best.



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                  I'm with Russell on this one. EPA used to fly us in from time to time for awards ceremonies, etc. and the Metro was, for sure, the way to go.

                  When we're in a new place that offers it (like in DC) a guided tour is a great way to start. They'll get you to all the landmarks and you can start to get the lay of the land. Even here in Wilmington we often start visitors off that way - though ours is horse-drawn.

                  EDIT: If you come south a bit I'd be more than happy to show you around Wilmington - it's a great old town with history back to the 1700's.

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                    Thanks guys this means a lot. I will get a map when I get there cause we are flying in and renting a car (I am not driving from Canada, only so much time)

                    There is a tour company out of Williamsburg that is highly rated and will check with them about a tour of DC.
                    We are looking forward to see some historical battlefields as well as buildings and the like, every picture we have seen of the area looks gorgeous.


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                      I was in DC about 5 years ago. We drove to a Metro site and rode it every where. It was the easiest way to get around. We did drive to Georgetown to meet friends for dinner but that was easy. Have fun its a great place to visit. But I wouldn't want to live there.
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                        Use google streetview to virtually drive the route ahead of time, and write down which lane you want to be in at any unusual intersections. Drive the speed limit.
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                          Yeah.. Cops are aholey to speeders....
                          Was going 35 in warehouse area late at night.. Know what pulled me over? VESPA!
                          Saw him, thought to myself.. Ha! Not catching me... Bang, he was beside me motioning me to pull over!


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                            Vespa? seriously, we don't even have motorcycle cops here much less that. I sort of would like to see that, but on my terms. Thanks again for the info guys and tips on getting around.
                            Schtauffer I never thought to use google street view to pre drive my route that is a great tip.
                            ecorl I will definitely try the BBQ, BBQ is not a big thing up here and I see a lot about it down south so yeah, I am on that.


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                              DC is like driving On Bristol Short track
                              for real fun ...hit NYC and Boston on the way home