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Guy wrecks GTR into another driver today

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  • Guy wrecks GTR into another driver today

    GTR driver claims his axle broke.

    I think he spun all four tires in his built up car, causing the rear to swing out and shoot him into the left lane.

    Bad deal for everyone.

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    To make a weird engine fly has lightweight stuff around it...

    So this makes a resonance fire in the fuel in a rocker panel, and now just through a wobbling engine crank, snapping a drivetrain part enough to steer off the road.

    Next is gas tank.

    Anything but real power. Get it through the 5 year pay plan..
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      Yeah, a bad deal for sure. But let's analyze...

      I've got questions - why do you need to "build up" a GTR? Danged thing comes built - well, my only experience with one was riding in it with a guy who knew how to abuse it on a road course. Gosh whatta ride around that track. The ride of a lifetime.

      And that road they're racing on needs some curves on it if the GTR is to really shine for sure. Why in the world would the driver take it there?

      And with AWD...well, I don't know a thing at all, but what would cause AWP under full power to go so awry if an axle DIDN'T break? Which goes back to the "built up" question. Dadgum thing is a beast to begin with. Build it up? Somebody's got more money than experience, perhaps.
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