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    .... I've threatened for years to put a Briggs E-tek @ 72v on a Rascal, but that is craziness! I LOVE IT.
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      I thought of one awhile back..
      if the sections get big enough.
      one for restomod, that could be injection in an old something..
      then there is the concourse every nut and bolt replace as era correct.

      and there is another one, near untouched.. a word I learned from a Porsche guru. This leaves the paint alone etc, fix what is broken. I never remember the word for that.

      a million mile 356 could be found there etc.

      just an idea.

      I pushed boundaries with a very unique ricer, still glad to be here than anywhere.
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        Originally posted by Beagle View Post
        We tried an audio thread that didn't last long. We tried a bicycle thread that didn't last long either... but pdub...

        is The Derailleur.

        Oh let's face it. We have a trademark on derail here.

        Or in my case, contribute... to derailling. My own thread. Awesome.
        cheap ass derailleur... it needs to be a Dura Ace (or, as they say in the pits "do you race")

        going with the good derail - the reason the Deore is crap - inside it uses plastic bits to move the derailleur; which, if you're pedaling up a hill and you want to shift, if you shift your derailleur will look like a 302 driving over it's crank after it's been unzipped..
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