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Ramifications from the hacking ?

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    Originally posted by blevinsracing View Post
    I just can't understand what they think they are gaining from hacking this site?? Don't they have anything better to do? My hats off to you all working your butts off getting it back going every time in such a little time frame.
    I agree totally, the IT gurus are doing a great job. Hopefully they will find a better mousetrap and stop these morons from invading our space.

    Yeah Brian, I know. No worries, mate, I'm not complaining, just stating the!
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      Duct tape the hole their getting in, followed by a layer of bailing wire, then another layer of duct tape! It has to hold then lol


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        Brian, What these people don't understand if they are re4ally trying to damage this site is that we usually have to sacrifice alot to get what we want in this hobby. If we have to wait to get back on the site, fine we'll wait. Go get a real job, hobby, and a life.
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          as this went poof last time.... it's a good reminder of what we can do to them, whenever we want to

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            Guys, just hang in there. I've been working on this with Michael and Scott for the past week and we've made a bunch of fixes, but there are more to make. Tomorrow we will be continuing this.

            We are not the only ones who have been hacked, but that doesn't make it suck any less.

            I was traveling home today when this attack happened, so I apologize for not being on it as quick as the other times we've been hit. Brian isn't used to having to handle any of this stuff. I felt bad that he had to scramble.

            Michael and I will be working on several things tomorrow to get the forums locked down, so please be patient with any weird things that may happen, but feel free to email me if you have questions, comments, a heads up, or whatever.

            [email protected]

            And if you are having trouble getting to the main menu on the forum, just use this url and it will get you there.

            Thanks again guys.
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              No apologies needed. As I said. We'll be here. Thanks for the activity stream fix. I'll try it when I get back from work. Unfortunately I have to go now.
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                The "what's new" function is still fubared, I'm sure you're already working on it - but in case it's been over looked - it needs attention.
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                  Wow, I get busy for a few weeks and miss all the fun...

                  And the quick reply is different too? (or firefox upgraded since I've been here?)