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Cars stolen at goodguys Indy

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  • Cars stolen at goodguys Indy

    HOT ROD is “where it all began,” as the first magazine to cover the hot rod culture. Since that time, HOT ROD has evolved into a brand devoted to everything from hot rods to restomods, barn finds to project cars and everything in between.

    Seems like this is a re-occurring problem at the bigger shows. One would think the thieves are probably car guys. They would need to know how to get in a car with shaved doors, probably battery shut off. They would have to have the balls to break in an enclosed trailer outside of a hotel.

    Curious if it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a trail cam inside of a trailer for a possible lead if someone broke in your trailer. Maybe a GPS in the car? Shitty deal either way you cut it.
    I guess one of the good things about owning a ugly car is no one wants to steal it.
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    wish owners would stop this b/s as the rates are going to start going up.. sorry most are insurance fraud, not say'n this one is, but most are..


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      Lowjacking car trailers would be a good idea these days.
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        I don't know the victim, and am not by any means accusing, but if I was the insurer, I would be looking real hard at this one. Consider the following:
        The guy claims to have $300,000 into a car that has a market value of $80k or less, but insured it for $300k.
        He claims to have put his entire retirement savings into it. Maybe he changed his mind and wants to retire some day, but knows he'll take a huge bath on the car. Insurance to the rescue!
        He is a car dealer....

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          I honestly think it's in parts by now. Sooner or later they will find the shell. I agree that the car is insured for more than its "worth" dollar wise. But part of that is piece of mind that if someone were to steal it you could replace it. That's why my mustang is insured for a little more invade I need to replace it with another t top car. But if your charging shop rate to do what I have done you won't come close to replicating what I have done versus what I would get out of it.

          Sadly this is becoming part of the game. You have to start thinking what if. A big name car got stolen from the march meet. It seems there is a high dollar car stolen from the bigger shows every month. It's a pity. I do think that the thrives are car guys. They know what they are stealing. Whether for parts or whatever. They know what they are doing. It's sad
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            More than one car stolen. A little hard to believe it was setup if 3 or 4 were stolen that night. But who knows?