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Does Your Car Intimidate People?

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    Originally posted by Beagle View Post
    Do you mean "Antagonize" and not "Intimidate" ?

    My truck intimidates people. It looks like a refugee from a landscaper (PO jackknifed it, bent the bed and cab). It's an un-muffled diesel and ugly. It's loud as hell and smelly. It might as well say "No Insurance" backwards on the windshield.

    You know the important guys in a hurry and on the phone? The ones that drift over into your lane so they can text in their Moccachinolatte order? The Lexus-finity guys tend to pay more attention when I drift towards them at the same time. They get that "holy shit, do you have insurance?" look on their face and straighten right up. I've almost mastered the "What, Me Worry?" grin of Alfred's. That is intimidation. It's fairly obvious I don't give a shit if it gets bent more. Nobody wants to be anywhere around it, much less race it.
    have I told you about the time I beat an old, Ford, diesel pickup in a stoplight war on my bike? he was not pleased.
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      Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
      have I told you about the time I beat an old, Ford, diesel pickup in a stoplight war on my bike? he was not pleased.
      Like, a pedal-it bike?
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        One night I was street racing with my old 69 Firebird and this dude that just bought a new Tran-Am wanted to race, it was around a 2002. I was running for cash that night and wanted nothing to do with it, he was way out of his league. Didn't sink in, he just kept pestering me and I kept politely declining. Finally at the end of the night I'm headed home cruising down the highway and guess who pulls up beside me. Lesson time, we went from a dead dig and I left on the bottle. I left him like he was driving a VW that was only hitting on 2 cyls. I'm pretty sure he sold the car after that one.
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          It's probably been 3 or 4 years ago but I was up at the Woodward Cruise and I was cruising in the wide open unincorporated area between Bloomfield Hills and Pontiac and pulled up to a stoplight, there was a red 70's Corvette already at the light, with a blower and Quads sticking up through the hood, he had what I believe was probably his Girlfriend or Wife with him, I was thinking this could be interesting, when the light turned green he turned right from the second lane over, probably saved his self some embarrassment, then again maybe not?

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            The Impala mostly scares ladies. It's loud and flat black, it must be driven by a deranged psycho. When I pull into a parking lot and down a parking aisle, the lady walking down the middle yapping on her cell phone, suddenly trurns towards the parked cars. Once I pass, they continue walking down the middle.

            More than once, I stopped at cross walk to let old lady cross the street. They have the right-a-way, but two have just sat there on the curb and not cross in front of me. Just for fun, I refused to move, causing people behind to honk. Finally, the lady start to cross, but all the time keeping one eye on me just in case I drop the clutch.

            In LA, there was this Aisan family a couple doors down. If I fired up my car, the mother would instantly gather up the children and run in the house. This happened repeatedly. When I came back later, they were all back in the front yard.

            I want to drive around with fake blood splashed all over the front with a walker bent over the hood, with fake hands and feet jammed into the car here and there. I might as well live up to the perceived rep.
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              Originally posted by squirrel View Post
              That happened to me once, on the way back from bonneville in my 55 with my bicycle on back....after the "blip" the guy made the first right turn he could find
              I tore up an sti after 450 miles at drag week 12. Car was loaded down and I was almost to the house and he wanted to go, so I did.
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                Happens sometimes when I take the Chevelle out. I won't get squirrelly on the street with another car... the Chevelle already attracts enough attention. I'll ignore the other dude. Although, rather than getting stupid with a street race... I may slowly buzz the mill to +7k rpm before making a soft shift. The noise alone usually freaks out any lookie-lou's.
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                  Before days of cell phones I saw an old white haired lady in a turnout looking at a flat, pulled in with my 57. She had no spare, where she was was pretty isolated.. I offered to drive her home.. She said, "No, you will drive too fast."
                  I promised I would not.. She was very impressed how smooth and nice it rode.. Tried to pay me.. i said no!


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                    My car doesn't intimidate anyone. This was the first summer I had it running. They look over at a poor old guy and I think they fell sorry for me. Then take a 2nd look as the car goes by. Beaters are a blast !!
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                      My car used to intimidate people. Lives in Dallas TX now
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                        Yes, it does.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          lol. Yes, it would. I had a 78 Impala ex-field car that was the same color as the local's PD's cruisers, and wore a flat top in that era. It was almost irritating... People would slow down in front of you, but at least they would change lanes to the right lane.
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                            When I used to drive my car 50 miles to and from the track, I used to get people who wanted to race ALL the time. I simply ignored them; the busy streets of Orlando are no place to screw around - especially when the police can take your car from you for street racing. Wanna line up against me? Go to the track.

                            Before I got older and wiser, sure I would "race" people from traffic lights.

                            One time, I ran a guy off the road (his words, later) because he didn't realize the car he saw way down the road on his first glance was coming toward him so fast. He started to pull out, saw me (right there!) and pulled off the road in a hurry.

                            Another time - I think the last time - leaving the Turkey Rod Run/ Cruise in Daytona, I sort of rolled onto the throttle pretty good (from a traffic light) when there was a 2nd generation Camaro in the other lane. From my rear view mirror, I saw dust and sparks and his car going off the side of the road. I think he broke and axle or something. For fear of getting arrested for street racing, I kept going. I nervously watched my rear view mirror the rest of the way home for red/blue lights.

                            Then I got an open trailer. -Slight topic drift - What really makes me shake my head is when people want to race my truck while towing the Chevelle.
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                              I got my ass handed to me a few weeks ago on the highway near here by a Mach 1 . I had him pretty good but ran out of steam. I might have got him at the track but not by much. SOB!


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                                my old chevelle was intimidating. The odds of having a friend at the time also driving one around as daily.

                                4 door 1974. Supposedly only 1500 for the whole planet, and here is me and my friend both owning one. Anyway, way back then, we got to talking of that subject in this thread..People got out of the way, as if to be a cop car. 1974 was wide, hefty bumper that never rusted...but why the intimidation? Not even my dads 280 inch wb kenworth w900 scares people. People are animals, like cars. Very peculiar.

                                another intimidator, is not about speed but real power, like torque numbers. A diesel with a stack, or jacked up mudder truck. Not many mess with it...most just know.

                                I have figured out my own tin can Subaru.. it is not about speed, it simply looks Baja smash em up ready. Wide square holding stance that is usually drooping and a complaint by 99% of all ricer customers. To fix that? yet another intimidator. Reals hame to become strong and attract even administrative minkey f*ckers trying to take work of custom down.

                                I saw chad from bangshift at the sema SAN booth on video, I have not forgotten the formalities that need help. Another reason I hang here at bangshift. Stuff does change for the custom builder. The runt needs to be kindly shewed away from the big scary manly industry.
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