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    valet keys don't work here huh.
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      Not so sophisticated.......pretty simple plan.

      "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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        the article was confusing. They made it sound like two fobs worked the same jeep.. as if a programmer hacked something. But no, it is simple. A preventive would be to check the damn key after a test drive.
        Tony Welch You understand that they just took the real key fob during a test drive and left a fake for the salesman to walk away with after. Then they returned to the car seconds later with the real keys and drove away. Nobody programmed anything, they just left with the keys in hand. Not sophisticated.
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          Some of the best cons are the simple ones.

          Years ago they would send in a lady to test drive a New car and the salesman would always go on the test drive with her.

          Once they were a few miles away from the dealership she would pull out a gun and order the salesman to get out.

          Simple but effective and it worked. Jimbo