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Day 5 in the new position...

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  • Day 5 in the new position...

    Swapped work sections a week back, been here 5 days. Not sure what to think. I was led to believe that this was a high tempo positon. It is not. It is slow, but there is a lot of info to learn. The upside is the guys in this office are fiendly, like to joke around and are not a bunch of Nancy's. Also, I do not dread coming into work in the morning....yet. I do not have to get up at 0430 anymore, My shift startes at 730...its a little like heaven....anyway, to put it simply ..... so far so good.
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    Escaped on a technicality.


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      Most excellent! 7:30? Half the morning is gone by then!
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        Sounds good........too bad the guys there are fiendly. Can't have it all I suppose.
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          congrats. and the new hours.

          I remember working third shift flight line, maine. All air force materials were... nancy. I like your word for that. Just 6 months or so, Maine winter, young airman. I was 21 looking like an elderly person by the time that stint was done. The cold burned like fire. Good hours does a lot for people. France still stops at noon if I am not mistaken.
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            Good stuff Joe.........happy it's working out for you.

            I'm spoiled......being a road warrior, traveling several states and working out of
            my house......only asshole I have to put up with is me.

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              Cool news!
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                Cool....and B3M - the further south you get towards the Med, the longer the afternoon nap becomes.
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                  The French will pull the plug on you at 37 hours - mid keystroke in a "critical situation". It's the craziest deal. Some Canadian shops will do the same thing. Craziness.

                  Good luck with your new "Fast Paced" gig Joe. Having been in a real meat grinder job before, I laugh when I see ads for high pressure gigs here. It's a matter of perspective I suppose.

                  As long as your new position doesn't include the phrase "Bent Over" , you'll figure out how to keep yourself busy if they can't. Nothing worse than spending 8 hours a day surfing the internet.
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                    Sounds like a great start. As a retired Federal worker I saw the work flow ebb and flow on a sort of natural cycle. I eventually learned to enjoy the slow times - sort of catch my breath - then enjoy the crazy times as well.

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                      This position is a far cry from managing an aircraft inspection facillity. that job was fun and high stress/face paced and I had a great crew but I had been doing it so long it was time for a change, it was no longer a challenege. Plus the leadership in that squadron was awful. This unit wanted me, hired me befoe even metting me based on input from my old boss and my records.
                      If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower. - Mark Donohue