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1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Convertible

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  • 1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Convertible

    My kid is seriously thinking about buying this car. It appears they only built 463 of these. Mileage is over 200k. Car is rough, I'm thinking it's only worth about $2,500. in it's present condition. Am I way off or on the money?

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    it's not ruff, and did you miss the rebuilt engine 5000 miles ago..
    it needs a drivers seat redone and as long as the fender/door issue is from those dopes not fixing the starter and puss starting it, and not from the floors rotting from the top leaking.. 2500.00 is way off..
    without the rebuilt engine ya maybe 2500.00 but I doubt it now.. my guess is the trans doesn't have 200k on it nor does the rear.. and if they are not the parts that came with the car (replacements) that under 500 built don't matter..
    because of the epa fleetcafe is why there wasn't many sticks.... the Pontiac dealer near me couldn't get sticks car fast enough as the factory had to build so many auto's before another manual left. that dealer was 9 months behind on back orders for manual cars..
    good luck,