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Who's watching the Olympics?

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  • Who's watching the Olympics?

    Started watching them tonight, it is the one time that the wife and I enjoy watching sports.

    We are not athletes nor do we pretend we are (I played hockey when I was young and the wife played ringette). But we both enjoy cheering on our country and some of the underdogs when the Olympics come around.

    So who's in with this, do you watch? what's your favorite sport? I personally like the luge cause it is essentially extreme tobogganing and going fast is cool no matter what. That and the Hockey (I am Canadian so sue me )

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    This is the only time I watch most of those sports. I enjoy the luge, skeleton, bobsled events and watch others for the "culture" it gives me.

    I've been to Moose Jaw, when I told someone I had been to Canada they said that wasn't really Canada.
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      I have the Velocity channel now. Chasing Classic Car and Wheeler Dealer and that mopar one pretty much wrap up most of my free time.
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        Go out and play some ball


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          I love the olympics...during the winter I watch figure skating, bobsled, curling, and if it is on at a reasonable hour, snowboarding.

          I dont like the winter games as much as the summer games but either one is better entertainment than what is on TV anymore.
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            i like the curling, bobsled, luge, speed skating, mega downhill sking some of the mogal and snow boarding and i'll watch the hockey medal round games. so i guess i'll be watching most of it lol
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              eh. no motors.
              Mike in Southwest Ohio


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                I enjoy a lot of it.
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                  I enjoy the Olympics and the opening ceremonies. I gathered the children around the TV tonight and the talk quickly went into gay rights and an Obama interview. I decided to just DVR it and took the kids to the Lego movie instead.. It was a good decision too, because that movie was a fantastic kids movie...
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                    I am kinda surprised at how many of you guys watch curling, especially from the southern states (no offence). I had my own team in High School with a couple of friends, it is actually a lot harder than it looks. It is way more technical than most people realize and more akin to a chess match on ice than anything.


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                      No, not got it on the TV here at Weeville. But this looks kinda funny from the media stream.

                      Looks from the looks of it there was not a whole lot to seen to begin with, even if it went further. Bless her Russian heart...

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