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How you found your present ride

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    Re: How you found your present ride

    I was look for a car of no particular make or just had to have a look...what that look was I dint know...but I went and looked at this old Fury I found in the auto was local and was in my price i put on my rose colored glasses and ended up with this...

    The picture from the ad....

    What I saw but chose to ignore....damn rose glasses


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      Re: How you found your present ride

      Ok here goes- I bought my '97 S10 SS for 700 bucks last summer from a friend who bought it when it was about 2 yrs old.I remember when he first got it,we were working together and took it for lunch.As were walking out of the store Dave says "you drive it" then as we get out of town "do a burnout" and I was like "really?" And it does do good burnouts (3.42 limited slip)I was with him one night when he raced a 360 Dakota R/T that had a bunch of bolt ons.The Dak got a 1/2 out of the hole and that was it.The S10 stayed right with him.The Dak dude was all happy,but me and Dave were cracking up about how we'd be pissed if our "hot rodded" 360 just barely took a bone stock V6 S10!
      My '69 Charger found me in 2000.I had seen it a few years before that.A friend started telling me about the Challenger his girlfriend's father had,as well as his 426 Wedge '65 Coronet.So I went down there the following weekend.We took the Coronet out for a wail,then went back to the girl's Dad (Doug's) house.We cracked a few brews and started bench racing.I told him about my 'Cuda.and about how my favorite car was the 68-70 Charger.I still had my Dad's 70 R/T but it was absolutely rusted to the roof.Doug started to tell me of a '69 Charger he had sold a friend of his.He bought it in Oklahoma in the late 80's.He sold it to his friend to raise cash to buy his house (as well as selling his 426 Hemi)He said he could probably get the Charger back if I might be interested....Oh yeah.He ended up trading the Coronet for the Charger.His buddy wasn't as mechanically inclined as he thought he was,and the 440 he had all this time and cash into was a slug.It also wasn't drilled and tapped for a Power Steering pump,so he just drove it without one (ugh) Doug said he'd sell it to me for 5 grand.The first time I saw it up close it was engineless,and I offered him 4 grand for it right then! I wanted it home in my posession before he could change his mind!I ended up taking most of the purchase price out of my 401k and have never regretted it.With the big dump that the economy took after 9-11,from an investment standpoint it was a better move.I have it in dry,locked up storage right now.It needs front end work and electrical work,but someday....
      Then there's my '73 'Cuda.When I was a kid my Uncle had a '72 340 4 gear 'Cuda.Blue with flames.He rolled it in 81 when I was 6.Then my Dad had a '73 with a 383/727/4.56's.He sold it when I was 13,just as I was figuring on driving it to school when I was 16,repaving the parking lot with it loaded with hot chicks!
      I was 19 and driving my 81 305 Monte Carlo with my buddy the Captain.I was actually discussing how,even thought I had a '74 Road Runner project,I wanted a 'Cuda.Then I looked to my left and there she was...just like in the magazines.A B5 'Cuda sitting beside a gas station.Man I locked up the brakes and musta been doing 40 when I bounced into the parking lot! I jumped out of the I'm walking up to the 'Cuda I saw the sign reading "FORE SALE" in the window...Bumper guards (73 or 4) 'Cuda 340 badges on the hood (73!) I look inside (automatic,well at least it's a slapstik) and then looked under the back (WOW there's still framerails! Is that the factory exhaust all the way to the tips?) I pooped the hood as the station attendant came out"ya want to buy it?"
      "Yes I do,how much?" I looked at the 340,which was still complete and original down to the plug wires! "I think they want 1500" the attendant said.
      I scrambled for the cash for that car for 3 weeks.Nervous,losing sleep that somebody else was gonna get MY car.I offered 1200 and the owner,an older lady,gladly accepted.
      I tuned it up,put some turbo mufflers on it (stock mufflers/resonators were hosed) did some brake work and beat the crap out of it for the summer of '95. I put 5000 miles on it without leaving the county!Then I had several '81-'88 Cutlasses with 350's in them,and the 'Cuda went on the back burner a couple times.
      Now I have over 10 grand into it,retail.That don't include parts I traded others for,or scored from people who didn't know any better.It's got new quarters,wheelhouses,trunk extensions.The 340 has been fortified with 2.02's,a forged crank,10-1 slugs,Lunati cam,headers,etc.
      And remember the 4 speed from my Uncle's 'Cuda?Of course I put it in MY 'Cuda!


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        Re: How you found your present ride

        I've been an AMC fan since the 70's so I am always looking for odd or interesting AMC's (what AMC isn't odd?). I found a basket case 71 SC/360 Hornet (AMC's last attempt at a musclecar) back in the mid 80's but it was so badly rusted it couldn't be saved. After my first SC I owned 4 or 5, 68-70 AMX's but I finally found another SC/360 that was decent enough to try to save and priced in my price range. Unfortunately, it's still sitting in my garage waiting for that restoration that I promised it when I bought it 8 years ago. When I located my second SC/360 I started documenting the whereabouts of other SC/360 Hornets (there were only 784, 71 SC/360's built). About 4 years ago, I heard through a friend about one that was down in SC and another in NC. I was told the price of the one in NC and it was too much $ for me at the time so I never inquired about it. I ended up purchasing the one in SC for $800. It actually cost me a lot more in time dragging it out of the swamp it was in but that's another story because I've since sold that car. In the mean time I had been telling other guys about the car in NC (it sat unsold for over a year) and one guy asked me some questions about it that I couldn't answer so I called the guy that had it for sale and he told me that the price I was told about by my friend included a non original engine and trans that was not even in the car. He went on to tell me that he would cut the price in half if I didn't take the engine and trans. That was all it took for me to decide to buy the SC/360 in NC. It too shares the garage with the other SC/360 I own but this latest one is earmarked to have its restoration started this spring. Itís funny, Iíve owned 4, 71 SC/360 Hornetís. They are not the most valuable AMC musclecar but they are the rarest.

        Total 71 SC/360 Hornet Production: 784

        206 were 2-bbl cars, 187 automatic and 19 three speed standard.

        578 were 4-bbl cars, 249 automatic, 23 3/speed standard, and 306 4/speed standard.


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          Re: How you found your present ride

          Here is my story I must preface this story, its from a much longer story. I had been searching for months to buy a Dodge Dart. I had tried ALL routes, local car shows, ebay, autotrader, various consignments. It was just a mess. I have had various mopars in my life, yet for many reason I've always had to sell them, (i.e. school, practicality, etc.) But despite my selling them i always felt lost without one. here is my story.

          Mara and I had been dating for a while, and is for all intents and purposes, "a closeted car female" She loves them, but won't openly admit it, unless we are alone. she understood my plight and felt pity. She figured it would be good to leave town for a weekend and visit her family in middle Wisconsin. Figuring this would be a good distraction and fun I agreed. We left Madison after work, Firday night. We loaded up her little Toyota and headed north out of town. As we turned onto the highway the distinct sound of V8 rumbled up beside us. It was a dark green 68 Dodge Charger. The smooth lines and rumble tortured me for the next fifty miles as we travel into the sticks of the cheese state,as we turned off on our exit to head east, all I could do was shake my head.

          Travelling east, our journey put us through four or five little towns. Knowing the often quoted legend of people finding gorgeous cars amongst the sticks, my head was on a swivel. Yet this was proving to be a legend. Each town revealed nothing. yet, as I continued to travel my heart sank and I about gave up. Finally, we stopped for gas in a little town called Wautoma.

          We quickly filled up and started out onto the road. I was jolted when Mara all of a sudden said. "Hey their is car for sale!" She frantically pointed out her passenger window. I quickly turned my gaze to the right to see the raked stance of a black with white striped Dodge B body. I quickly pulled off the road and approached the car. It was a 1970 Dodge Coronet, the grill, which to many is an aquired taste, faced forward almosty looking at you with a sort of frown. It was as if it was saying "Hey what the #### are you looking at?" My heart quickly jumped as I saw the dual white scoops displaying the 440 badge. It hit me like a nuclear bomb, all thoughts of darts quickly recessed into my brain and I knew what my classic car calling was. I was a B body guy, just like the Road Runner before it this just felt right. I began inching towards the car's window, as a gentleman walked out and said. Its for sale, if you'd like. I quickly looked up and said, "Ok. lets talk."

          The rest my friends, is history, for now I've owned this car for a few years and while it has never been the light, shorter body of the Dart, it returned me to the fold of cars. Some say its too big, with an ugly grill, and overly loud and gas guzzling V8, but I'm binded to this vehicle, for it as much represents a side of me,as I do it. Its an acquired taste, and thats me in a nut shell!

          Here is a picture just a few days afters its arrival at home. Its much different now.