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Swing set Hell

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    Re: Swing set Hell

    Was this a tune-up for Christmas morning? LOL


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      Re: Swing set Hell

      I'm the type that goes to 84 lumber ( mine just went OOB ) buy a bunch of lumber and start a tree house that 6yrs later still isn't done. Oh well they like the platform in the apple tree and don't want it finished now . they like it open. Well one day I'll finish it for the grand kids , first one is 6 months away . Thanks Vortec RS !


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        Re: Swing set Hell

        I built a similar deal a few years back, only came with the brackets, had to buy and cut the lumber according to the instructions.
        The next year I expanded the deck, not my favorite things to do, but thatís life. Nothing better then the satisfaction of a job well done.

        Iím not sure the exact wording, but the Red Green quote:
        ďIf they canít find you handsome, let Ďem find you handyĒ.
        Words to live by, been working for me so far!


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          Re: Swing set Hell

          Since I have no kids....I love Christmas and Birthdays, just so I get to put that stuff together. Now my family even saves it for me to do. Doug
          Reading , Pa
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            Re: Swing set Hell


            To: Uncle Doug
            From: Brian

            When: Christmas
            Why: To put crap together while I drink beer.

            Please RVSP ASAP.


            That which you manifest is before you.


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              Re: Swing set Hell

              I remember my Dad trying to put together a Huffy Thunder Road bike for Christmas. I could over hear his swearing up in my room. I ended up getting the bike in a opened box. He gave up and put it all back in the box and gave it to me that way. I had the bike together before breakfast on Xmas morn. I was smart, I used Dad's tools instead of the ultra cheapy universal whatchamacallit that came with the bike that Dad tried to use.

              Dad was even more pissed that me at 9 could put the bike together when he couldn't. He was drinking with breakfast.
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