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SEERED dyno test

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  • SEERED dyno test

    Thanks diesel geek for the tuning work this weekend
    Just thought I would solicit some thoughts on output numbers on the dyno
    What is everyones thoughts on a N/A street motor with volumetric efficiency numbers of 109% and 616 RWHP?
    Hoping for a warm day to get to the drag strip to see what that translates to in 1320 ft.

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    Re: SEERED dyno test

    Well, by way of comparison...

    This is a mustang dyno, and your high stall torque converter plus TH400 conspire to give VERY low numbers at the wheel considering what's happening at the crank.

    We've had two other cars with similar configs to yours, that were both engine dyno'd (GoatRacer and CDMBill). Both of them came up with 40% drivetrain loss when comparing WHP to FWHP. I'd estimate even more loss through your combo.

    Prior to yours, Bill's was the highest WHP naturally aspirated engine I'd ever tuned. You beat him by a big number.

    My math says we're over 1000hp at the crank. CDMBill, if you see this post - please provide some input!

    I have no idea what that'll translate to on the track. Incredibly freakin fast for a 3700lb car with no poweradders?!?!?

    BIG THANKS to Shaun Callaway, whose dayjob is being the EFI tech at Edelbrock - without his help, I would have not been able to do a from-scratch tune in one single day (this was my first Super Victor EFI system). I had him on the phone at 7am his time on a Saturday morning... that is great customer service! And thank JeffMcKC for providing the "plug reading expertise" that is so helpful for fine tuning.

    The car itself is awesome. Kyle took some video so I am hoping to see that online ASAP. It seems to be running a lot better now. Thanks again Doc for the opportunity,

    -scott - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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      Re: SEERED dyno test

      this was great news to hear on sat. but let me correct this a bit the only reason i was avail on sat. was because scott is a really good friend (and he taught me what i know).

      i can honestly say that i would not do that for anyone unless it involved cash or it was something i was interested in seeing done. (i know what a prick huh).

      i will help anyone that needs help via email but not phone on a sat at 7am (a guys got to be able to sleep the alcohol off).


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        Re: SEERED dyno test

        Originally posted by shaun callaway
        i will help anyone that needs help via email but not phone on a sat at 7am (a guys got to be able to sleep the alcohol off).
        It's funny, my friend who is on the bomb squad of the Boston PD said the same thing...ha!

        A very cool collaboration on a seriously kick ass motor. WOW.

        That which you manifest is before you.