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Ever get like this? rant thread.

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  • Ever get like this? rant thread.

    I think I go through this every so often with my project.
    Either time or money, which I never seem to have enough of either...but I literally can't bring myself to step foot out in the garage and lift a freakin' wrench right now.
    I was all stoked about getting some Aero type 59 rims to fit my car, and stuff went sideways in a hurry, went through 2 more 15" rims trying to fit over my brakes...and then it started getting cold out, and I just mentally went "F IT!" and just am in a crap mood about my car. I know it's stupid, but it's like I am having a mental block and don't want to screw with it. I need to just buy new rims, but I keep holding on to wanting to fit a 15" rim and run a 295/50/15 tire.

    Doesn't help with having something 8+ years, and still not done...and then keep getting the occasion ribbing from family and freinds asking you going to paint it this year? Sure, as soon as you fork over $1500 for my paint and clear. eeeerrrrrr.

    Not going to bother with my engine issues, it's not a big thing, but instead of taking it step by step I keep looking at my cleveland on the stand in the corner, and just avoiding tearing into it for no good reason aside from the fact why tear it apart if I don't have the parts to install yet. I need some basic stuff, not like I am doing a rebuild, just waterpump, timing chain, and if I ever drag my ass to the u-pull-it, going to get a 302 serpintine setup off a crown vic or truck.
    Just, parts are a bitch when you have more important priorities like a house. That, and I want to pop for a $90 water pump but can't remotely justify it right now. :-\

    Eh, never mind, rant over. I think I gotta go find the vid of DF setting chad on fire. ;)
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    Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

    To help prevent this I do two things. One I do my dangest to keep the car ON the road while working on it, obviously with engine's out that doesn't always happen but driving a car tends to motivate me more to work on said car. The second thing I do is walk away from one project and just start on another. If I get burned out on working on a car it's usually because I'm at a fustrating or part lacking point. Solution? Start tinkering or working on another car. Even if it's something cheap like cleaning and detailing the inside of a different car, the change helps, makes you feel better too driving around in a clean car. Eventually I get bored of the diversion and go back to the original project.

    If you hadn't found it, here is DF setting Chad on fire ;D
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      Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

      My fabulous web page

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        Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

        Yeah, if it ain't working, don't do it. Give yourself a break...release. Come back in a couple months with your mind fresh.


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          Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

          I hear ya...right now the Diplomat is in the garage, one blown freeze plug due to rust, front clip off of it. I can't do jack or s#!t to it until I pay to have it hauled up about 45 miles to an indoor garage that has been generously offered to me by a Moparts member. I can't really get started until I either get the Chevelle fixed or sold, one or the other, so I can haul the Fury up there and start stripping it...right now it's my second driver.

          And nothing tops the bitching like the non-understanding wife...yeesh. " this point, I'm outta diamonds."
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            Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

            I've been thru periods like that from time to time. I scored an Alfa that needed rust repair, and I'd ALWAYS wanted an Alfa. This one even ran pretty well. I just couldn't get up for it and wound up selling it. Now I'd kill to have it back. But so it goes. You do the best you can at the time - we all do. I'm no longer the Energizer Bunny after the heart attack, and I'm learning to do what I can as I can. Right now I'm a bit stuck because the shop is too cold to work in and the new heater isn't in yet (I just ordered the Natural Gas to Propane conversion kit). Hopefully that will help. Getting old is Hell!!!

            Good luck to you on this - it'll work out in its own time.



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              Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

              I couldn't even talk myself into putting a brake caliper on because it was so cold. My biggest problem is getting started. Once I get started,I don't want to quit what I'm doing. Anybody helping me will want to quit because it's getting late.

              The valvesprings on my truck's old 350 broke coming home one night,and I parked the truck for almost 6 years. I had trouble keeping them on those old Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads,and they were hell on valve guides too. After that happened twice,I got aggravated and didn't touch the truck until early this year. Before that, I had a fiasco with a 283. If not for the Power Tour coming close to here,the truck would probably still be sitting.


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                Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                It's happened to me more times than I'd like to admit. I'm almost ashamed that I've owned my "Project" Montego for 10 years and it's still not even driveable! > My "Beater" Montego runs pretty good but I haven't even driven IT in over a month. Between working 14+ hours a day and all the other stuff going on, it's hard to find time. I've even considered (GULP!) selling both of them and taking a break for awhile, but then I come to my senses and realize that it's not a competition and it will get done if I keep my dream alive and don't give up.
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                  Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                  I get that way at times... what I try and do is set a really small goal... like... Paint an inner fender or the Valve covers or something like that... do one brake caliper... so on or so forth... Dont' set stupid goals... just real small ones...

                  it just makes you feel good to do something small really well... then move on... enough of those and the car is DONE...



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                    Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                    Well, I've had my 66 about 13 years and haven't done a whole lot other then collect parts that are collecting dust. Food and housing expenses keep rearing their ugly heads. Presently my 66 is in my driveway with the trans leaking all it's AFT and it's getting too cold to put the car up on jack stands to put my toploader in.
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                      Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                      We all get frustrated.
                      I paid (relatively) huge money for paint this year, and it's crap. Worse than crap. But I have to go on... I bothers me to have to do it again, but I will. After the motor swap.

                      For motivation, I try to get to a cruise night or browse so pics here. Some stuff is just soooo nice, it's inspirational.

                      My "bro" is insirational too. He breaks stuff on his Gen 1 RX-7, just takes his time and slowly fixes it. Carbed motor blows, instals FI motor... Blows that one, installs 302/T-5... And now it's bitchin', one small part a t a time.

                      Hang in there.
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                        Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                        Thanks for that Chad fire vid... good stuff

                        I like what was said about taking a break. I did "it" I sold my entire collection of cars - and like a year before the muscle car boom took off.... 2 67 Camaros, 1 RS with a 396, the other a 454 4spd car... dirt bikes, jet skis, boats, 75 Corvette... it was absolutely the best thing I ever did... none of those cars were done - and I'd owned them for better then a decade... of course my excuse was I went back to grad school - and it does pay off; in more ways then I'm going to count.... but first and foremost - it paid off in sanity.
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                          Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                          I'm frustrated with my '49 Ford being under a tarp for a year. My medicine was to start something small that I have room for.

                          I bought a cheap Chinese quad with a cloned Honda engine. I subsequently swapped out the swingarm bushings for Yamaha pieces, drilled and tapped the steering gear and added a zerk, ditched the stock air filter for a Uni pod, dumped the plastic-like chain for an RK, added an inline fuel valve and built new front shock mounts to accomodate the Raptor shocks I scored on eBay. I know that it isn't a race worthy machine, but it's a bitchin sport quad for less than $1000. I love dirtball engineering with a mig.

                          I'll get on the '49 as soon as I can clear some space, time and money.


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                            Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                            been that way for 4 yrs now.....
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                              Re: Ever get like this? rant thread.

                              Gary351C, keep the faith brother, you'll get there. Lots of good advice in this thread -- Keith Turk sums it up perfectly. One small job at a time and it's possible to achieve big things.

                              I find I have to pinch myself whenever I'm watching those big-dollar TV build-ups done against the clock; you know what I'm talking about, Unique Whips, Overhaulin' etc etc. I know they're for real and it's great fun watching Chip Foose et al do their thing, but big $$$ and lots of help (while no guarantee) goes a long way to keeping Mr Murphy and his law at bay.

                              It isn't reality for most of us. One of the finest moments on CJTV was when Chad fired up the Crusher and found out he'd forgotten to install the oil pressure sender at the back of the block. I thought, hey! This is the hobby I know!! Ditto for the locked up trans at the track. Or the high dollar MuscleTruck that ran 13s.

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