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Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

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    Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

    Originally posted by Freiburger
    Basically you've all confirmed what my impressions were. So let's shift the conversation to what we could do with a 5.0 that would make it interesting and different to YOU.

    Some options:
    - Put a small-block Mopar in it, just because we can.
    - Stick an FE in it, just because we can.
    - Rallye race it (as we've discussed doing with the '72 Nova or '74 Duster)
    - Cannonball it cross-country
    - See how quick we can make it while looking/sounding bone stock. Sleeper street racer.
    - Go open-road racing with it as cheaply as possible

    Or come up with your own ideas and tell us how a mundane 5.0 can be Car Junkie worthy. Get creative but realistic.

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      Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

      Make it the most scienced out (old school/non-technoglitter)

      & subdued stealth-city Foxoid street car ever conceived.

      Technology is GREAT...just so long as its presence is only found by X-ray!

      (Electronic traction control, transbrake, progressive nitrous...only if undetectable)

      Make it as anti-poseur & SILENT as possible, unlike the vast majority seen daily.

      NO FLOWBASTAGE MUFFLERS -- Make a 2.5" exhaust system quieter than a Nuclear
      sub using every efficient & least-restrictive decibel-lowering trick/technique possible.

      NO 10G - 5" TACHS w/Shift lights -- Please, no totally UN-necessary, UN-stealthy "tacky" tachs

      NO CHROMED 18" RIMS -- (Let the gang at "UNIQUE" do their own.) Poverty caps
      on custom-made lightweight billet powdercoated replicas of the 15" Ford steel stockers.
      Determine the stickiest brand/diameter of rear tire, but no DRs.

      UNDERHOOD STEALTH --- Engine w/max stroked cubes, mega-heads w/no visible aluminum/brand names.
      Lots of cars have the stealth-look outside, but their cover is blown when the hood goes up.

      Build it as if your entire income was dependent upon driving the car from town-to-town,
      successfully luring the local "MacDaddy" (s) into running for $$$, & waxin' 'em..."Rubes-to Riches".

      (A PG-tranny w/the stock AOD-appearing shifter? Yea...dats de tikkit for even more traction!!)

      We'd all learn a heckuva lot of USEFUL info from all the integral projects within this build.

      Never seen it done and it's wayyyyyyyyyyy overdue. --------------


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        Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

        They're okay as long as the owner doesn't over do it, ;D


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          Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs




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            Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

            I own one, so I guess I like 'em.

            I don't care for most of the young kids that seem to have them though. But on the other hand, the young kids are pretty bright on what makes them run real strong.

            Parts are affordable and plentiful which makes these cars fun to own.

            Ride quality is harsh. Build quality is so-so. Drivetrain is above average.

            I bought mine because it was completley unmolested(minus stripes)which is hard to find on these cars.


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              Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

              Im not sure if id ever actually buy one, but with out the 5.0 stang, there would be a lot less hot rodders around. i feel that il's impact was huge on the automotive aftermarket. companies are still to this day making new speed parts for them. love it, hate it, or dont care about it, the 5.0 stangs kept detroit alive in the 80s. it was also the start of SVT (93 cobra/cobra r). it may have prompted GM to build better 4th gen f-bodies too.


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                Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                i had one 8 years ago and had little over 300hp with the 302. it was ok but after a 351 swap it was much better in a straight line. however i found out how weak the frames are and had even worse traction problem but it was lots of fun


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                  Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                  Originally posted by HoosierGTA
                  I'm not interested if it's a hatchback. The ones with the little trunk look all buisness though. To me the 5.0 ford is cool out of the box ( stock ) but like the 5.0 chevy not worth building. You can build a bigger small block just as cheep. So FE it and cannonball it or 351 c or w it and road race it .

                  The other reasons for a "trunk", as we call em, is lighter weight, and a stiffer chassis. Add cage, and subframe connectors, and it will be quite strong.
                  As is standard practice with unibody cars, you'd want to weld up the spot welds, and add gussets to the torque boxes.


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                    Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                    Here's one I've had for a couple months. Its my 5th fox body. My second former Highway Patrol car. So I guess I like them. Fun, cheap and gas friendly (24mpg).


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                      Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                      after you get your mustang done Dave, pull it up in the next lane next to this Camaro ;D


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                        Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                        Take the unrebuilt shortblock, add a big cam, nice heads, GT 40 Intake, Keep the efi, and then add a blower or nitrous.

                        Then do something that no one else has done. Put it into a Mustang II. Beat the snot out of it until the shortblock explodes, then go to the junkyard and get another for a $100 bucks.
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                          Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                          I know you should never race a gypsy that drives a 5.0 Mustang. Those guys can get those cars to haul a$$......I had a buddy that had a bascially stock 5.0 with gears, slicks, nitrous, and little tricks (underdrive pulley, etc.) and it ran 11.60s all day long, track or street. Car looked pretty much stock. If you get a decent block girdle, and a trans that will live, 9 seconds can be had for cheap....


                          and they can still get 20mpg...and have a warmup cycle, etc.....I like em.


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                            Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                            I'm as anti-Ford as they come but I can respect the fox. "They started it all."


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                              Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                              Total shot in the dark, but I'll throw in my two cents:

                              Convert whatever year it is to '79-'82 front/rear clips, interior. Seems 83-up gets more respect. Paint it some funky cream or brown color. Keep a conservative 5-bolt pattern cheap aftermarket rim package on the car. Hide the pipes, tune down the exhaust note to quiet. If you are gonna 'cage the car, try to hide it or blend it with the interior. Do the purposeful "worn look" tricks to the paint, and NO SCOOP. Run the '85 style dual-snorkel cleaner, make the engine look bone-stock as possible, and go hunting.
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                                Re: Your Opinion on 5.0 Mustangs

                                I have an 85 GT 5.0 5SPD t-top car. I like it because I'm a carb guy and it was the last Carbureted Mustang. I am a hard core Mopar guy but you can't be using a vintage Mopar for a daily driver(at least where I live).The Mustang is a solid performer, affordable and invisible to anyone who would want to steal a more collectible car.
                                As far as magazine coverage I subscribe to EVERY Mopar rag on the market plus Hot Rod and Car Craft. At the same time I only buy 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords off the rack and only occasionally as I really don't see the need to see every overdone 90 LX Notchback that comes along and 16 pages of color coverage of the most recent "Yo-boy" Mustang Meets. Tech articles do interest me but those Ford magazines seem to have so little of that.