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what is your camara & lens choice

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  • what is your camara & lens choice

    Ive notice that there are some great photographers on this site.
    my question is what is your camera brand and model choice and why.
    digital or film, black or white.
    I shoot Nikon SLRs, with a n80 ,a n40 for backup and yashica fx3 . with a few different lenses.
    I'm planning on buying a d-slr and trying to decide between the Nikon d200 and the d80.
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    Re: what is your camara & lens choice

    1965 Nikon F, Nippon Nikkor-S lens 1:2.8 wide angle, and Nippon 1:3.5 telephoto, and Nippon 1:1.4 50mm.

    When I am lazy I use my Kodak digicam.
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      Re: what is your camara & lens choice

      I used to be a Pentax nut. MX, LX, Super A, and series of genuine lenses, but now I just use a Canon G6.
      It's just too portable and too easy. I love it.

      Old film cameras are just not worth the hassle to me. $8 for a film, $25 to dev & print for many pics that may have not exposed or focussed well enough, then scan them in, and store them in albums or top up the huge box I have.. Forget it..

      I still have my old Yashica Mat 124 G though.. It's a 6x6 cm twin lens. You view through one lens, the film views through the other..