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    I have a guy who has a guy who can make the block-off plate for my former vacuum pump on the S-10. Here's the issue - they haven't had much luck finding stock to make it out of. The finished size is a bit over 6" in diameter and about 2" tall after all is said and done. So 6" stock won't quite work. I found a piece of 8"x8"x3" stock here and I bought it at scrap price. They can resaw it to thickness so that's no big deal but.......

    It has to get to South Carolina. I remember that one of you guys said that you got Fastenal to tote stuff for a reasonable price. The guy has a Fastenal store a couple of miles from his home and I'm fairly close to one here so the logistics work out. My question is:

    How do you set this up?



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    Dan, I guess I am missing something.... Do you need a hunk of steel? If so, gimme some specs... Man, i work at a fabrication shop. I can probably hook you up like cable.
    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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      Nope - I needed a hunk of aluminum, which I now have. I just need to get it to South Carolina cheap. But thanks for the offer!



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        if it fits it ships.. just say'n, hell the boxes are free
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          OK - Here's the deal.

          1)You Google Fastenal shipping and open their link.
          2) Fill out the form which tells them who you are, who it's going to, and what the shipment is as well as the to and from Fastenal offices.
          3) Take the item/s to your local Fastenal store. They can look up the info in their computer system so they'll have the item, price, etc. With the system as it exists today all the pricing comes from Corporate.
          4) Make sure they mark the shipment, especially the ship-to store and who is going to pick it up so they need the phone contact for the shippee (is that a word?).
          5) Pay up. They liked my credit card.

          Remember that this will go from Fastenal facility to Fastenal facility - kinda like sending stuff on Greyhound. If there's no Fastenal near the recipient this ain't gonna work.

          We shipped 64 lbs. of aluminum in 2 billets, 1 at 24 lbs. and 1 at 40 lbs. Our total was $25 which I think is a decent deal - pretty cheap for what are kind of bulky and sorta heavy stuff. No boxing was required and these would not have fit in a standard box that I know of and they would have tried to bash their way thru the box if we tried it.

          Now we'll sit back and see how this works.