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  • Government treasures

    Remember Indiana Jones where they put the ark in a seemingly-endless warehouse? it really exists

    don't know why, but the paintings really struck me
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    I hope they get the museum going..
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      That is simply amazing stuff!
      You would think they could fund the museum by simply charging a nominal entrance fee.
      I'd pay good money to see all this.

      Thanks for posting.

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        i'd pay a few bucks to get into a museum housing this a heartbeat.

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          look at how much the charge is to go to the top of the Arch in St. Louis... I'd pay at least double to see this... just don't keep it in D.C. ... I'd consider visiting the Smithsonian again if it weren't for the BS traffic and political crap...
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            What about all the empty buildings that the Gov't owns or leases around Washington going unused?
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